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Unit 6 Study Stage 1

Renders are slow,what else is left but working some Unit study. What i've chosen for my Unit 6 theme is Theme #3. Fighting against an infection. At first i thought about making this unit's style a children's commercial style. But instead of that decided to make this as a medical presentation instead. So most of my study will go on the process and the detail of all cells and processes of the whole topic. Also i've already grabbed some books on graphic design to study proper styles of presentation. There won't be any narrating. It will be a visualised commercialised video clip of the process with stops only at those moments and points where the information is crucial to know and understand.

Points to pay attention to:

First point:

The most important is to not overuse artistic license and show the process as as strictly as it is true. My artistic skills are only to be used for this process to be presented properly and with the ability to appeal to the viewer. The process will be studied further when i'll get more in to it in the next posts about the topic.

Second point:

The style and limit to CG creativity. As far from experience of doctors studying my gut during my recent hospitalisation and showing some of that to me,i understood that not everything is as beautiful as they show in tooth paste commercials. Some parts of the human body shouldn't be allowed to be shown during a presentation of a topic such as this unit. The most practical job will be re-creating the environment and subjects in enough detail to be shown with their crucial points and still be appealing to the audience.

The visualisation shouldn't be too difficult to understand so that is also another reason for simplifying the appearance of the subjects.

Third point:

The ability of artistic license. I will need to visualise the whole process in a clear way with nobody having a thought that something isn't in its' place. So lightning shouldn't be too complex,only enough to shown what is needed. Under no circumstances should i set anything on fire or explode something. The style of the visualisation will be simple: lights,x-ray shots,slowing down the process for the naked eye to see,adding some visual directions and information that wouldn't get in the way and appeal for the viewer at the same time.

The music will also need some attention. Since i'm against using someone else's work i usually make my own work to fit the work i also do. In some way it's more comfortable for me to work that way. Again,this is a medical presentation,not a music video. So the music should be simple. In no way should it interfere with the viewing of the presentation and take away the attention. It can be electronic since it's more flexible in terms of adjusting for the visual and doing any needed sound effects. It should be something slow-medium temped. Easy to listen through out the duration of the presentation. Cause the work of the audio is to create the atmosphere for the viewer to relax and be more able to receive the information on the screen.


No epic camera movement or slowing down with an explosion on the background. No explosions. No super transitions. The limits are as simple as they can get. Appear,disappear,show what's need to be shown to the audience,add a little taste with some information and pointing at critical points. This is a  formal presentation for people who don't really care about creativity. They will care only about the ability to present and express the needed information and thoughts about the process.

"Think you got what it takes to be "creative"? Then welcome to the other side of sanity."

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