2011 m. balandžio 11 d., pirmadienis

Another self relfection post....

This is a horrible year for me. I'm starting to do this every unit now.

Setting up some rules for the next 7 weeks which are my final 1st year and i'm already in a risky situation. These rules are all going to be set up based on my performance in the last two units.

First: Time management.

It is only my own fault that i have depths from the last two units. I've realised that i can't really blame anyone like i did with my crappy problems that don't concern my work and in the future won't amount to jack for the clients who will expect maximum performance and maturity from my side. I had in total of 10 weeks to make the required job. I might say some nonsense in the future again and i might again be reminded of my own words,but it'll only be my own fault for being unprofessional.

So to fix time management problems,i'll work out all my depths through out 4-5 hours a day,while spending 4-5 on the main project at hand. I have almost all the units done,all that's left is to put it all in proper order,blog it,"stack that paper in to a folder" and submit.

The next thing to fix is my insomnia and health problems. Me desperately trying to finish everything on time won't mean anything if i pass out again on a critical day. So that's also will need some attention to put in check.

Second: Health

I won't be any good if i'm worn out,sweaty and dying while sitting in front of a computer. I'll will need to make a diet,do some regular movement to lower the blood pressure. This isn't a diet blog so i won't get in to detail there.

In overall,health is really important. I had a conversation with Jack not long ago. "This is my future bread,so i have to work,but resting is also important" were his words.

Third: Socialism

Again,it's my own fault for just locking myself in and not interacting with anyone and just being a stubborn donkey to finish all work. Since my job won't be just sitting by a computer with a cup of tea,but also interacting with clients while having coffee,i'll need to be more social to my course mates and tutors. Closing myself in was my biggest mistake.

Forth: Do more than just the project.

I've found it amazing when i got my camera out in to town. I've realised that i'll,for sure,will need more than just knowing the software. I'll need to broaden my view in different mediums and study different techniques. I just understood that if i didn't know what a "gobo" is from my film studies i wouldn't be able to make the needed effect in unit 3. Any personal project will need to be put on hold till summer. Hobbies are allowed since they only support my life view.

Conclusion: Be professional.

This won't sound professional though. But i need to get my sh*t together or i'm scr*wed.

"Think you got what it takes to be "creative"? Then welcome to the other side of sanity."

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  1. Just a small tip Dimitrij, you may want to tidy up your blog, the background is very distracting, and the smallness of your title area makes it a pain to navigate. You need to create an easy to navigate, user friendly environment. Also drop the tag line at the bottom of your posts it does come across rather pretentious (the previous one was at best delusional)

    If you create an organised public frontage then it might help you start putting the rest of house in order.