2011 m. balandžio 17 d., sekmadienis

3D Work Day

Unfortunately i could only render out one walk cycle today cause my video card started to bust up for some reason. I'll understand if this will be counted as non-submission. I'll re-take everything properly when my video card problem will get fixed.

I had quite the few problems with this walk cycle. I tried to go in to it more and did all the needed speed keying in the graph editor. But that didn't go well enough for me. So i just went and done some manual work on Felix Jr. himself. Moving and keying. Then i re-mastered the animation in the graph editor again. It look a bit chunky to me though but in overall i'm just glad he's not sliding any steps.

Also before the combustion inside the sacred inkonomicon i made a few quick tests and concepts on bacteria.

 Here i concentrated on the simplest imagination of stuff flowing through blood streams. All models done with custom displacement maps i did for the sake of this experiment. The organic feeling is a win in these models. But the detail and the walls in particular really bother me.

I changed the lightning again and the environment when i thought that not everything just goes where the blood goes. As gross as it is to imagine,not all human fluids are brightly lid or have red-bloody liquid. So trying out other scenes and places in the body would also do me a favour of not looking boring and stereotypical.

This is just a test of lightning and the test of renders on how much can i handle of these things and how well will the light tint inside of these bacteria under specific angles. Simply enough i copied a sh*t load of them,created rigid bodies out of them and dropped them on the floor. So far they looked weird and kind of surreal.

Just having the bacteria green without any bothersome tints that distract the attention looks better to me so i think i'll stick to this concept for a while.

More tests. In this shot i experimented with organic movement. Couldn't mentally handle the rendering yet i just left it as a concept.

I'm not really proud of these though. They're simple to make and don't really stick to the image of a bacteria. Renders sure took a cr*p loads of time though.

Now off to sleep and then back to work! Shapow!

"Think you got what it takes to be "creative"? Then welcome to the other side of sanity."

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