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Further study of the subject Part 1

Did a quick study of the whole subject and the process of the immunity system defending itself from alien subjects and factors. Everything that will need closer attention for further study will be underlined.

The process of the immune system is to produce specific anti bodies that bind to antigens on the surface of pathogens. In overall,the first layer of defence for our organism is the skin, which is reinforced with oil and sweat. As an addition there is also a unique bacteria inside of the skin that releases acid against unwanted organisms. Next is also the substance that is released inside of our saliva and tears - Lysozyne. It can penetrate walls of the bacteria. After that the basic process of processing the food does the rest of the work with acids.

That is the first layer of defense.

The second layer of our body's defense is more organic and is inside the inner body "high-way". Inner cells like Macrophages and Neutrophils that come out of the group of the monocytes

Now the main process is really clearly explained in this article here:

"Damage to tissue by physical injury will trigger an inflammatory response. Small blood vessels in the area will dilate and become leakier. This causes the redness and heat of the infected area. This enhances the migration of phagocytes into the area. Neutrophils arrive first, followed by monocytes that develop into macrophages. Clotting proteins seal off the infected area. Injured cells release histimine which induces the dilation of the capillaries. Sometimes white blood cells release chemicals called pyrogens. They act on the bodies thermostat and raise the temperature in an effort to kill the microorganism."

Th article can be found here: http://answers.wikia.com/wiki/What_is_the_process_of_immunity

I'll leave it at that and post more when i'll find more interesting information on the subject.

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