2011 m. kovo 2 d., trečiadienis


Phil,i'm finally able to reach my computer now. I have sent my extension application today in the morning. Can you let me know if it came through cause  i'm going back to UK tommorow,which is 3rd of March,and it's a whole day of travelling. If anything else that would be needed so that i would have time to prepare it till the crit.

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  1. Hey Dmitrij,

    Jackie is away on holiday at the moment, so I don't know if your application has come through. What I suggest is that you submit what you can on Friday (you needn't attend the crit if you don't want to), BUT I'll not mark anything until I have confirmation (I would personally support your mitigation anyway, so I don't think you need worry) - put simply, make sure you submit something on Friday, but assume that your extension has been accepted - and work to get your Unit 4 work completed for the end of next week. I'll try, tomorrow, to confirm your mitigation - and let you know on here.

  2. I've sent an e-mail to Jackie's substitute and i've sent a copy of that letter to you. It has the form for the extension,the document from the hospital to university and its' translation. I'll try to submit something on friday,what i have so far. Thank you for the support.