2011 m. kovo 5 d., šeštadienis

Checkpoint,starting from the beginning.

This is all i had up to this point,but i will try to make most of my next two weeks and create something more fresh and with more energy. Phil suggested for me to think up something with more energy and to emphasize the meaning to my given objects.

This is the script i had so far:

EXT. Main room - Introduction Scene - Set 1

Cam 1 shows the main room. The camera slowly introduces the interior of the room in an overall format. In one shot you can see the closet,carpet,a medium size cupboard,book shelf,a chair near a fire place.The fire place is is burning giving the room a glow. As Cam 1 goes slowly through the room,Cam 2 shows some details of the room as if the viewer is trying to guess who the apartment/house belongs to. Cam 2 slowly goes through the objects on the cupboard. It goes through several picture frames in which a boy (Marcel) and a kitten (Nicker)are shown together with close shots. A particular picture frame in which the boy shown standing on his knees under the rain and holding an umbrella over the kitten is shown in a closer shots than the other details on the cupboard.

During the shot of the cupboard a shadow walks through the shot stopping mid-way and doing an unpleasant expression/sound of disappointment. The shadows continues it path out of the shot.
Cam 2 transitions in to Cam 1 and tries to follow the shadow in to the next room. Cam 1 goes in to the studio.
EXT. Studio - Introduction of the old man (Marcel (older)) - Set 2
Cam 1 goes through a door way in to a studio filled with statues of animal figures. With the help of low and moving light the figures seem to be moving due to their shadows. The studio is small. A lot of after work trash on the ground. Two small boxes are filled with equipment,a few shelves on the wall have boxes and glass jars filled with samples,feathers,nails and other details needed for the work of a taxidermist. In the middle of the studio the shadow is sitting and working. Cam 1 slowly goes around the dark figure in to the side where there is more light and the viewer can see face of the old man (Marcel (older)). Cam 1 transitions in to Cam 2 and does a close shot of the old man's face showing more details. The old man is working and seemingly finishes his work. He looks around his studio and notices that it doesn't have any more space for another statue,he notices the door in to the small greenhouse in his apartment/house.

EXT. Green house - The reminiscent rain scene - set 3

Cam 1 follows Marcel as he carries the newly finished work in to the greenhouse and puts the statue where there is more light. As he walks towards the exit of the room he hears dripping noise. Looks back,notices that there is some water dripping from the glass windows in the ceiling due to rain,he looks with disappointment at the new cat statue the water drips on and leaves. Cam 1 transitions in to Cam 3 which shows the cat statue from the side and slowly backs away. Shortly after,Marcel comes back with an umbrella,stands on his knees right before the cat and holds the umbrella over it,protecting it from the falling rain drops. Cam 3 transitions in to Cam 2 showing the picture frame of Marcel and his kitten under the rain.

The end

The logline for that story was:

When we become 50 years old,we become something we didn't want to become when we were 20. Yet we still have dreams.

I still think that this idea is something that i would like try out some day so i'll just leave it in the drafts for now.

Here are some sketches i did of the old men:

These were the environment concept art sketches.

These are the sketches for Marcel,the old man. The one below i stayed at,cause the visual language wasn't hard to read for a 1-minute sad story.

Now off to work on my next idea.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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