2011 m. kovo 15 d., antradienis

Let's get to work for Unit 5 and start ending Unit 4. Story Laws set!

Let's set up some laws for the next few weeks of production! I've had enough time on my hands and it's time to start finishing work.

Story laws for the next few weeks:

Emotion - the viewer should be able to feel the visualisation he's watching. Colour,music,the set up. Everything plays a role to create emotion.

Story - A story should be solid,with no loopholes to create unneeded questions for the viewer. Editing can make anything pretty,but pasta will only look like pasta if you don't actually cook it properly.

Rhythm - Monday's animation viewing taught me a few things. That music and the picture can't go about randomly from each other. The story needs to have the connection with the sound and the music. Everything has a role,and these roles need to work in team work. Artist's job is to be the leader of these teams and not let them die in the war of artistic license.

The viewer - my job is not as much as self expression as consideration of the viewer. If you feel good about some cut in the editing,doesn't mean the audience will understand it or even like it. You need understand that the viewer will see things differently from you and you need different people to see your work to able to tell for sure if your "self-expression" is actually any good.

Space - as much as we study 3D,we need to remember that the screen is still 2D. As much as we look in to our 3D world,it might look a lot different on the actual screen. So knowledge and experience is needed to properly make use of the dimensions,space and the "actors" your using for the viewer to enjoy your work better.

Laws now have been set up. Let's get to work,again.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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