2011 m. kovo 15 d., antradienis

Unit 5 - Story thoughts

Had a wonderful chat with my writing partner Kolade about our stories.

My objects is a Pot Plant and his emotion is Nervous.

What we thought with Kolade that it would be an amazingly comical idea if the pot plant was actually a "pot" plant. As in a drug plant.

At first i thought of making a cactus nervously walking around the hospital waiting for his wife to give birth. But the idea is too simple and not really creative since i just replaced a person with a cactus.

So we thought of this story.

The nervous pot plant is talking to his buddy about his situation. He nervously talks,which can be shown with comic bubbles in the animation itself. He talks about how he was smoking marijuana. But after that,he's chased by the police for murder (smoking weed,get it?). And then he is also chased by a local mafia,cause he smoked the Don's daughter. In the end the buddy feels sorry for him. And then the nervous "pot" plant says that the sex offenders register is also after him cause that what he smoked was only 2 years old.

Not sure about the sex offender's register. But i think this idea is really flexible and funny. Filled with irony like those flying whales we saw. But it still need some work to polish it in to a proper story that can be presented visualy.

I'm open to suggestions.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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  1. There's too much reliance on 'text' here, to convey the character and behaviour of your plant. It's a cop-out. Consider use of body-language, posture and performance instead. Think of the scenarios in which a pot plant might 'logically' be nervous - in a florists, for instance, with a big pair of scissors nearby; or indeed, a 'pot plant' as you say, but it would be nervous because it was waiting for the police, for example - think of it as a silent movie, Dmitrij.

  2. Well,i planned to do the talking with text bubbles that show pictures of the accident. I didn't really plan on relying on text here. But i'll give it a shot at other ideas.