2011 m. vasario 14 d., pirmadienis


Dear Phil,

Frankly speaking i don't care if you'll take it as an excuse again cause i'm being lazy or anything of that sort. I am explaining the lack of material on my blog. If you remember i e-mailed you about my health problems during the last unit. Thank God everything went okay and i was able to survive and present my work at that time. Yet my health is having a come back and tomorrow i will get my answer if i'm getting hospitalized to be fed anti-biotics or to get an operation. either way i will probably have to extend my absence from university activity. Yet i have no clear answers myself about the need for extension or not cause i don't have official papers about it yet. But i have papers that show the fact i am ill and i need medical attention. Through out the last several days i have been to busy starting writing yet just saving drafts and unfinishing posts on my blog cause my mind was mostly taken by my health.

If you take this as an excuse to avoid work,honestly,i won't care. Cause with the pain in my lower body i have more things on my mind than just work. I will bring all the notes when i can with the official translation if needed.

Since i didn't get any of your attention at all about my ideas i didn't expect much from the online review either. Yet as punishment and as a check point,when i finish the full presentation of my idea,fully prepared with concept art and all the requirements you posted on the group blog,i want you to view it,and without a long feedback just tell me "Green light,continue work","Red light,change idea" and "Yellow light,needs change".

I will make a short review of the whole idea and scenario right now,as far as i can. Just to show you that i'm not a lazy quack that takes this as a joke. Cause believe me,i do not.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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  1. Hi Dmitrij, sorry to hear about your health issues...
    I am just wondering if it is wise to notify Phil of your troubles via your blog - I'm sure that possibly some of your message has been 'lost in translation', but I have to say that your post comes across as sounding rather rude. Maybe it would be a good idea to get one of your English classmates to check through any serious stuff like this in future, before you post it? (On the other hand, maybe you were intending to be rude! :) In which case, I would recommend emailing Phil - I'm sure a lot of your fellow students have health or other issues, and it would be a shame if the blog just reflected all these personal problems!)

  2. Oh dear - you seem to be unhappy with me. I'll respond to your IOR with the upmost professionalism, of course - and, will be constructive and creative in equal measure. I'm many things - but not telepathic. I'm sure an email or even, hey, a conversation in regard to your health issues would have been beneficial. I actively seek and support mitigation for students whose health means they cannot engage as effectively. I would certainly have done so in your situation. And - to clarify - I don't think you're a 'lazy quack' - but I do think you're being unprofessional and using your blog in a way in which no one will be interested. Email me if you'd like to air your grievances further. Otherwise, watch this space for the IOR when it comes.

  3. Hmmm I forwarded this by an old associate of mine and I felt the need to comment, you don't know me but I'm graduate of the same course your on now and this type of blog post rings a little bit true to how I used to be and I figured I would give you some free advice which you can do with what you want.

    First of all I don't think your being accused of being lazy and no one is discrediting the fact that your ill, I would however argue that had either Phil or Alan known that your health was an on going issue they would have made exceptions for you in regards to your work whether it be an extension or possible setting you a project that would not be too intensive but still allow you to achieve a decent grade.

    Now your post does come across as aggressive and this just might a whole lost in translation issue like Jackie mentioned, but if the tone is intended to be aggressive (only you know that for sure) let me tell you it will get you no where I myself did this on numerous occasions and I can tell you is that it just makes the situation worse. As Phil said Alan and himself are not mind readers if you have a personal issue or are having problems with something talk to them, its what they a paid for, its what your paying for at the end of the day so make the most of it of it. It took me nearly 3 years and a lot of failed or low scoring projects to finally stop doing posts of this nature, move forward and try change myself, granted I did have moments after that which I'm not proud of but you have to keep trying and take it from me the best work I produced at uni was when I engaged with my tutors and tried to get past this kind of crap so yeah there you have it.

    I will just say this in closing don't take this as personal attack against you or anything like that I'm just trying to help out someone who somewhat reminds me of myself do what you want with the advice or tell me to f'off its not a problem.

  4. This has become a lively topic. This post wasn't intended as an attack and i did not intend to mend both the illness and my disappointment together. My illness is out of the way now,i'm out of the hospital and i applied for extension. I just hope it goes through.

    I do not in any way attack Phil. I respect him and what he's doing for us. I am in no position to question his job and i am sure that he has it for a reason.

    But what i did not like was the lack of attention that we used to have in the beginning of the course. I used to get a comment from Phil every second post. While now i only got a comment on the IOR from him and before that,in this very post. I understand that he has other things to do and that we're not his only concern in life. So there are no ill wishes behind my words.

    But understand my position too. When neither am i or my writing partner are getting any feedback on our ideas,yet we required to present more than that for the IOR. Adding up with the pain in my stomach which,if Phil remembers,is since the previous unit. I just felt at that moment that i was not getting my money's worth. Just like one of those less loved middle child in the family. And adding those tags to post names just seemed like i was telling Phil to do his job.

    But i am fine now. I am thinking clear. I won't make excuses about my posts and i'm ready to look people in the eyes. If it seemed like i was just being rude,apologies.

    Now i'm out of the hospital,tommorow i'm coming back to UK and on friday i will come to the crit to support my coursemates. I'm ready to get back to work. If my extension comes through though.