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New Plot

       I kind of tried out the dialogue with some friends from my last idea and it took way too much time. If any less time,then the ideas is useless. So i thought really hard and decided to not just concentrate my attention on trying new things which are opposite to the usual stuff,but try bringing it down a few notches. Also decided no to try working with talk or in words with overall on the level of a complete conversation. Cause after a full examination of the scenario,i thought that the whole "women's talk" thing just wasn't there and the conversation is just silly and empty,i'd have to depend more on the technical part of the cameras and character movement to hide my mistakes. Which is something i don't want to waste my time with.

Self-reflection and self-analysis: Done

      Next topic. The new scenario. What i'm gonna try and work around is the dependence of the motion picture from the story and vice versa. In fact. I've decided to work with words,but without talking. I've decided to try and concentrate to add the needed message to the scenery and the way the camera works and what is in front of the camera. And i've decided to use emotions more than just put a silly conversation.

The plot goes like this:

     The protagonist is doing his job in his small studio. That work is influenced by events that happened in his childhood. Some details in his studio indicate those events. Yet he looks so different from the person he used to be. But that is not really the case.

Out of all my short plot ideas,this idea really sounded with a feeling with it. It can have a great part where the protagonist's thoughts and ideas are revealed in the end and the audience can understand,all though they got a different expression at first. Yet that would finally make sense with the ending where the connection is revealed about his anti-childhood-character.

My thoughts might have gotten a bit more simple here. Since he is a taxidermist and his work is influenced by his childhood,it means simply he might have had a pet or an animal he was fond of. I am not yet sure if the taxidermist himself is a male or female,which would conclude more if the pet will be a puppy or a kitten. That is usually a stereotypical thing about boys being with dogs and girls with cats. But i want to look at something that would have more emotions to it than the stereotypical effect. So if i'll see that a cat fits better with a male in this picture,i'll do it.

After thinking it over and even re-explaining it to me i think i have a decent image in my head. I'm gonna re-read the script writing guide line now just to make sure i'm thinking things right,cause they usually look worse in reality than in my head. And then i'll write the detailed script.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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