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Story plot and script draft

After a few hours of work with Naomi on skype we worked around our stories really well.

My plot goes like this:

There is a taxidermist named Mr.Jacobs. He has a daughter named Marry,who works as a stylist. Mr.Jacobs tries to push his business on his daughter cause he wants her to follow his foot steps. He even thinks that their jobs are similar in some sense. During one job he decides to send his daughter to do his job,but he didn't realize what kind of result that could make. There is a grand Greenhouse museum in their city which is decorated with Jacobs' work,so he comes there time to time to fix up his creations because the ventilation and heat system is concentrated on the plants there,not preserving the statues. So decides to leave for a few days and ask his daughter to this job for him.

As Marry came to the Greenhouse she found a good subject to talk about with the owner of the Greenhouse while she works. Due to that subject the owner doesn't really pay attention to what the young taxidermist substitute was doing. As a stylist Marry was one of the people that worked on the fashion show that took place in that greenhouse not long ago.

As Marry leaves,the owner just smiles as she leaves. But when she takes notice of her '"fix up" job she notices that not only did she fix the statue,she also added her stylist instinct to it.

The script draft looks like this:

Ext. Outside of Greenhouse - Mid day

The main female character walks through the entrance arc,escaping from the rain and folding her umbrella. She is met by a female owner of the greenhouse who is surprised why is the taxidermist different this time.

OWNER: You're a new face. Where's Mr.Jacobs?

GIRL: I'm Marry,Mr.Jacobs' daughter. My father is away for a few days for business work so he asked me to substitute for him.

OWNER: Oh,nice to meet you Marry. I'm Ms.Winston,the owner of the Henry Clark's Greenhouse.

MARRY: Nice to meet you,mam. So what is it that you require our services with?

Ms.Winston leads Marry in to the main hall of the Greenhouse. She leads the girl towards the destination.

MS.WINSTON: Well,your father's work is decorating our greenhouse and from time to time those animal decorations are starting to lose fur or deform in some way due to the oxygen and heat system that we use here. So your father usually come around to fix them up when needed.


MARRY: I understand, Ms.Winston. With what sculptures you need my help today?

MS.WINSTON: Luckily, we only need you to fix the monkey sculpture in the Tropical Plants section. The one over there. It's fur has been getting a but too puffed up.
MARRY: Alright. Then i'll get right to work.

Marry opens the equipment bag and starts working on the monkey sculpture.

Ms.Winston takes out a pack of cigarettes and lights up up while watching the young girl work.

MS.WINSTON: So how did you end up a taxidermist,Marry? Are following your father's foot steps?

MARRY: Not really. I'm a stylist.

MS.WINSTON: Oh,really?

MARRY: Yes. Yet father tends to try pushing his business unto me cause he thinks that our jobs are in some way similar.

MS.WINSTON: Interesting. I remember we had a fashion show not long ago here. If i recall it was called "Roar of Nature".

MARRY: Oh yes,i was actually one of the stylists for that show.

MS.WINSTON: Really? Which ones did you do?

MARRY: I did the hair for the Peacock girl,the one with the intensively colored hair,the puffy hair for the lion girl and i colored the hair for the giraffe.

MS.WINSTON: Oh,i really enjoyed the giraffe fellow. He looked fabulous! I dare say,you did a marvelous job with the colors!

MARRY:Thank you,i appreciate your kind words. I'm also finished with the monkey.

MS.WINSTON: Thank you,Marry. Come again for some tea. I'd love to talk about your work some more.

MARRY: I'd be delighted. Then i shall be leaving. Have a nice evening,Ms.Winston.

MS.WINSTON: You too,Marry.....what a nice daughter Jacobs has rised.

As the last ash from her cigarette fell,Ms.Winston opened up her eyes really wide in slight shock as she sees that the "fixing up" that Marry did turned the monkey in to an Elvis style rock star.

The story looks good so far but it still needs some polishing and some details of shots and other preparations for a proper script so it's just a draft for now.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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  1. You done very well with using the three choices you got for the story telling project. Must be hard to think something up that has the need of a greenhouse, umbrella and taxidermist.

    Anyway, I would like to see what Phil thinks about this in his own thoughts.

  2. Some nice music and a cup of green tea always does the trick with the thinking of a story :D But yes,as much as i like the story i need to know Phil's opinion on this.