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Word and plot study

The words we were given are the factors that are supposed to be in our story and animation.

My character word is: Taxidermist

My prop word is: Umbrella

My set word is: Greenhouse

I'm in quite the trouble with the ideas due to the fact that these words are all very different from each other.
Taxidermist makes statues out of dead animals yet the greenhouse is all about nature. I need to justify why a taxidermist can have a relationship to a greenhouse,where there are no animals, and why would there be an umbrella in the scene.

I'm trying to think of a plot that could connect all of these things.

1.The protagonist hates his job due to the fear of it's factors. So he escapes to an anti environment of his job. Yet he finds the factor that he fears in that supposedly safe from it environment. And due to circumstances he defends himself with the object he already had in his hands.

The idea sounds a bit too dark but fits the quite nicely. If the taxidermist works with dead animals cause he is afraid of real ones. And from time to time he escapes to the greenhouse for a walk to relieve his mind off of the animals. Yet from some reason on a particular day a tiger escapes from the zoo near by and runs in to the greenhouse. The greenhouse can be an open-roof one,which can justify the use of umbrellas due to rain. When the taxidermist finds himself in the situation face to face with his fear,the tiger,he is stoned with fear. Yet when a mother with a child run pass him screaming for help,he grabs his umbrella and starts defending against the tiger. A minute would be too short for a continuation of the fight. So a transition can go back to his work,showing him covered in bruises and maybe a broken arm. And the camera shows how he is working on the same tiger he fought the other day.

The idea sounds nice cause it reminded me of Repulsion,where the viewer only at the end of the film got a clue about why might the heroine can have the trauma. Same here. Nobody knows why he is afraid of animals. Maybe cause he lost his family to a tiger or he has a childhood trauma. At the end there is more tension about how the fight ended. Was he saved by the police force of did he lose or did he win. A simple story with a lot of clues.

2.The protagonist meets an old friend who has similar job and they take a walk in a set that is not related to their job. While they walk they talk about things that are in some way related to their work but always go off the topic and get a confusing conversation which confuses not only them but the people around them.

The idea comes from an old film called Coffee and Cigarettes. The scene where the two confused gentlemen talk about uter nonsense and get even more confused at the end.

Yet comedy in art isn't one of my strong points i would like to try this as a new technique. Cause basically the whole story here holds upon the conversations of different people of different backgrounds that get more and more confused. This is a simple idea yet it would require quite the careful approach towards the duologue.

3. The protagonist does not like his job cause he wanted to become some different. At that moment he had an order to make some decorative statues for a public greenhouse. While grumping to himself during the job he did not notice how he actually made the statue that was supposedly to be an animal became in to an animal with a stylish haircut. All of this because the protagonist wanted to actually become a stylist.

The idea is a comedic one. As i said previously,i am not strong at comedy stories. Yet this story puts a smile on my face when i imagine the taxidermist sitting under an umbrella because of the rain which seemingly made his day worse. And the fact that he is grumping utter nonsense about his job while not noticing that he is turning a statue of a,for example,bear in to a something more.... fabulous.

That's all for today.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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  1. You could use the texidermist walking with a friend to his home. However, it's raining and he uses the umbrella to keep him and his friend dry. Entering his home, he wanted to show his friend the collection of plants he has in the greenhouse at the back garden, but does that when the rain clears outside.

    I think this is a good idea for you to use as it's pretty straight forward.

  2. But i need to show that he is a taxidermist and i need to find a reason for why does he grow plants at his place. Cause the idea with a friend sound pretty nice,but there are a lot of holes to fill,which is for a one minute type of story would be difficult for me.

  3. Hmmm, maybe the collection could be small trees in a shape of animals?

  4. That would fit the idea of him wanting to become a stylist and then it would show that he does some cutting in his free time. It think that's an idea worth trying