2011 m. vasario 2 d., trečiadienis

Unit 4: Story-telling

In this unit we are given three random words which describe our character,the set and a prop that will be use in the scene. The main goal is to create a 1-minute animation with a showcase of a strong study set of skills.

My writing partner is Naomi. I'm looking forward to this partnership since both of us use different styles in our work.

The first aim for now is to study a set of films beside those presented at university to study the setup of a story,the technique used in camera motion and transitions and the key movements of characters that appeal to the audience. That includes both animated films and realistic.

The second aim is to think up short ideas for the main plot of the story.

Let us not go ahead of ourselves and start with the first set.

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  1. Hi Dmitrij...drop by on Naomi's blog and see what you think of her ideas so far! :) Don't forget, you are not producing an actual animation, but you are concerned with the pre-production, so what you will end up with is an animatic plus pre-viz...plus everything else you have been asked to do!

  2. Yup,but i'm trying not to rush things again and end up with nothing like before. I'm trying to take things a bit more manageable.

  3. Hey Dmitrij. =3 What are your three things for your environment, character and object? You forgot to add those to your blog.