2010 m. gruodžio 13 d., pirmadienis

Some inspirational work

Went on a little walk around the Internet street and found some nice inspirational pieces.

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  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Dmitrij,

    Let me very clear with you - the title of unit 3 is 'Environment' - and if you look closely at the learning outcomes/assessment criteria of the brief (and you should - you REALLY should), you'll see that the emphasis is not on people or characters, but on ENVIRONMENT. You are asked to produce a DIGITAL SET + a matte painting. Yes, because of the particular theme (uncanny) body parts and effigy objects might be relevant, but this unit is called ENVIRONMENT...

    Okay - I hope that's clear; so, there are a number of your thumbnails that are promising - the ENVIRONMENT based ones - I even like the table with the surrealistic body-parts underneath it, but please, Dmitrij - spend more time with the brief; look at what you're being marked on. And please - spend more time with the associated artists, and please read the essay and demonstrate your understanding of the concept - and THEN, produce more thumbnails...

    And please, follow this link and prepare for your unit 3 essay: