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Insomnia Sessions: Choosin' the favorites

As much as i made ideas these are those that appealed the most to me. But i need to be also realistic,they don't grow on trees so i'll try to closely think how much time and work will it take me to make these scenes.
Please keep in mind that the time i'll say would include a normal routine of atleast 5 hours a day for work,not all nighters,so the time could change in many ways. And the time won't include the research time i'll need to spend.

An alien that was seen on the road by this particular passin' car. I'd have to make it seem like it was at night,cause that's when the creepiest accidents usually happen. 

Makin' the exterior of the car would take about 3 days.
The alien doesn't need too many details since it's seen in the dark and should be unclear,so it'd take me about 1-2 days.
Texturing all the models would take about 5 days for a proper texture and bump maps.
Drawin' the background,road,hills,time of day and etc would take about 7 days since i'd have to experiment on how it'd look better.
UV mappin' of the models would take me about 2-3 days since there'd be more than just a mirror and a steering wheel in the car.
Lightning and proper detail visualization would take about 1-2 days for 3D part and 1-2 days for the drawn part. It'd take days cause i'd need to balance them about to fit each other.
Final post-production and final touches would take about 3 hours.
Overall: a maximum of 24 days.

 Now this one is in particular is sort of cute to me. The cat would be reachin' out,maybe tryin' to catch a fly or somethin' and on the background it's shadow would be seen. The shadow could be like a monster's claw or even a human hand.
Modeling the cat would take about 2 days.
Making additional objects for the scene so that it wouldn't look so empty would take about also 2 days.
UV mapping would take 3-4 days for all models.
Basic skinnin' and riggin' of the model to properly pose in front of the wall for the shadow. I'd just need to move and arm or a leg just for a more realistic pose so it'd take 1 day.
Drawin' the shadow and the textures for the surroundings would take about 2-3 days.
If i'll see that i still have some additional time i'd play around with the fur a bit so that it's be more realistic and had more colours like usually cats have. That's take me a proper 6-7 days for a good job.
Lightning would take 1-2 days.
Post production and final touches would take about 3 hours.
Overall: 21 days.

Grandpa here just wants a hug,but  his young grand child sees the world a bit differently the wrinkles and the creepy smile of his grandpa would make a scary vision in his young imagination.
The model would take about 4 days to make.
Then about 1-2 weeks days of proper work in Mudbox on the details like wrinkles and muscle deformin' and his clothes.
About 4-5 days for a proper paint job in Mudbox,since workin' all those UVs for such a HQ model would be meaningless,painting directly would be the best time saving choice.
The background would take about a week to experiment with and about 4-5 days for a proper paint job of that composition.
About 2-3 days for compositioning everything and setting up proper lightning.
3-4 hours of final touches.
Overall: 31 days

A dinin' table in the evening. At first nothing weird about it until you notice that the knife and forks are facing the wrong way. The candle holder has cigarettes instead of candles. And the shadow comin' from the chairs unto the walls make shadows in shape of crosses.
Modeling all objects would take a good 1.5 a week of intense work. There'd be more objects on the table.
UV mapping,about 5-6 days.
Drawing the background,about 4-5 days. The walls shouldn't be empty too.
Lightning,2 days.
Final touches 3-4 hours.
Overall: 23 days

A girl in a lonely house in the evening. I won't go for the full story. The girl would have a more concerned expression on her face,suspecting that something isn't right. While there's a dark figure watchin' her on the background. I'd make this a more twisted-like-dream world with a bit twisted lens type.

Modeling the girl would take a good 2-3 days since i'd only make her upper body.
Adding' more details in Mudbox would take also about 4-5 days.
Makin' her hair to look the way i want it would take about 5 days.
Painting her in Mudbox would take about 3 days.
Drawing the background would take about 1.5 weeks,i'd add more objects and windows with curtains and stuff.
Lightning and compositioning would take up 3-4 days.
Final touches would take 2-4 hours.
Overall: 30 days

It's just one of those times times when you're workin' at night,you fall asleep for a quick moment,you wake up and the light from the screen makes you think that there's a scary arm is reachin' for you and you fall from your chair in fright. Atleast that's how i got this idea.
Modeling the computer,the arm and other minor objects on the table would take about 1.5 a week,including the detailing through Mudbox for the arm.
UV mappin' for possible objects would take about 3-4 days.
Texturing and painting would take about 5-7 days.
Drawin' the background of the room would take a good week.
Lightning and compositionin' would take a good 2-3 days.
Post-production and final touches 4 hours.
Overall: 31 days

A devil watchin' "Britains got Talent" with his mortal pal,Steven. Nothing abnormal about this scene but what the heck.
Designin' the room should take its' time. About 2 days should do it.
Modeling the upper part of these figures should take about 2-3 days since not much details are scene from the behind so i should be ok with that much time. Maybe an additional day for the hair on the mortal.
Additional object would take about 2-3 days and about the same time for the UV mappin'.
Texturing and painting would take a good 3-4 days.
Drawing the background and details for the scene will take about 6-7 days for a practical quality.
Lightning and compositioning will take about 2-3 days.
Final touches,3-5 hours.
Overall: 21 days

A horse that's in the middle of a street. And a part of it isn't scene because of the light stand. Surrealistic,but uncanny.
The horse would take about 3-4 days of proper modeling. Modeling additional objects on the street,4 more days.
UV mapping,6 days.
Texturing and painting,inlucluding the background drawing,5-8 days.
Compositioning and lightning,4 days.
Final touches,2-3 hours.
Overall: 22 days

A portrait in the corridor. The portrait would have a creepy figure in it lookin' at the viewer. Looks simple but the corridor would surely would have more details,statues,plants and such. So this even might be one of the most difficult of the ideas.
Modeling the portrait 1.5 week.
Painting 3-4 days.
Additional objects 1.5 week.
UV mapping,4-5 days.
Painting the background wall and details,2-3 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3-4 days.
Final touches,5-6 hours.
Overall: 36 days
 A dinner. And what is on a plate is pretty absurd. A pig with wings and gag ball in its' mouth. "A pig without wings is just another pig","But if it's useful,it's abused".

Modeling the pig,3-4 days.
Additional objects on the table,3-5 days.
UV mapping,4-5 days.
Texturing and painting,5-6 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3 days.
Final touches,3 hours.
Overall: 23 days
 A normal evening for a straight-jacket'ed psychopath from an asylum to watch a tv in a normal room of a warm and cozy house.
Modeling the psychopatch,6-7 days.
Workin' it out in Mudbox for details,4-7 days.
Additional objects for the room,3-4 days.
UV mappin' the objects,3-4 days.
Texturing and painting EVERYTHING,including the background,1-1.5 weeks.
Lightning and compositioning,2-3 days.
Final touches,3-4 hours.
Overall: 35 days
 Another variation of a disturbed dinner. This time it's an uncooked rabbit. Gagged with a cloth and blind-folded. Similiar meaning then the piggy.
Modeling,3-4 days.
Additional objects for the table,3-5 days.
UV mapping,3-4 days.
Texturing and painting,including workin' the fur on the rabbit,a week.
Drawing the background,6 days.
Lightning and compostitioning,4-5 days.
Final touches 2-3 hours,with a warm cup of coffee.
Overall: 31 days

Alot of people are freaked our by the styles of self expression that some people choose. This guy here. He chose to be a pervert and wears his self-expressionistic outfit quite casually and right is waiting for a bus to pick him up on his way to work.
Modeling the pervert,4-5 days.
Detailing in Mudbox,5-6 days,cause i'm not sure if he should be reading that news paper.
The bus stop,3-4 days.
UV mapping,2-3 days.
Texturing and painting,4-9 days,depending on how much details will look good in the scene.
Drawing the background on the street,4-6 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3-4 days.
Final touches,4-5 hours,i'd like to spend some time on this,just in case.
Overall: 38 days

Three english gentlemen standin' in the street,for no reason identical to each other and have their backs turned you in a quite same way. Could be? True. Looks unusual? Yes.

Modeling the gentlemen,5-6 days,i'll duplicate.
Addin' some details in mudbox,1-2 days,they have their backs turned,not much to show.
Additional objects for the street,4-6 days.
UV mapping,3-4 days.
Drawing the background,4-6 days.
Texturing and painting,4-5 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3-4 days.
Final touches,4-5 hours.
Overall: 31 days
Kind of a Perception thing would be goin' on here. A viewer could think that this man would have super-human ability and had thrown another man in to the air. OR he could be a normal person that saw someone fallin' and is expressin' his concern and reachin' out.

Designing and modeling the man,6-8 days.
Adding details and painting him in mudbox,a good,proper week.
Adding' extra stuff for the scene,atleast 1.5 week. Gotta think of a good place for this to happen at.
UV mappin+riggin',if needed,4-5 days.
Drawing the background with the man fallin',4-6 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3-4 days.
Final touches,4 hours.
Overall: 40 days

The scary tree of the mountain. The wrinkled body of the tree would resemble a face. I'd even add a window frame. Again with the amplified imagination of a child that looks in the evening through the windows to see if the big bad scary tree is gone.
Modeling the scene,6-7 days.
Workin' the wrinkles in Mudbox,7-8 days.
Painting the scene,5-6 days.
Painting the background,5-6 days.
Lightning and compositioning,3-4 days.
Final touches,3 hours.
Overall: 31 hours

Now a quick note. About the time management. The time i wrote for every project is that i included the thought that i might be lazy and play video games most of the time and not workin' some days. That is why the numbers are so big. But i'm sure i'm motivated enough to keep up the work and shorten those time numbers maybe even in half.


This is a quick last minute idea. Had a dream tonight where i was talkin' to a serial killer and asked him. Where do you hide all those bodies? He stood up,went and killed a person,brought him back in to the kitchen and put him up under the table like gum. When i looked under the table,it was somethin' i wouldn't able to express visualy with my current level. But if I'd take the side view of the table and just have some limbs hangin' and some blood drippin' from under the thin table i think that would my best idea yet.

Modeling the limbs with the table and a few objects on the table itself,4-6 days.
UV mappin',3-4 days.
Drawing the kitchen,4-5 days.
Texturing and painting,5-6 days.
Lightning and compositioning 2-3 days.
Final touches,4-5 hours.

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  1. hey Dmitrij! You do realise we are not allowed to use any people in this project right? I mean you could use shadows or disembodied body parts but not whole figures.

  2. Are we NOT allowed or we're adviced not to touch people due to how difficult of modeling them?