2010 m. gruodžio 12 d., sekmadienis

Insomnia Sessions: Idea Thumbin' 3

Throwin' in the last ideas i had on the list.

Doesn't look weird much when someone's smokin',but if he smokes two cigarettes at the same time would seem weird.

 I wanted this to look confused. It would either like the person either threw that person or on the other hand it could like like the person is concerned for the one who is flyin'.
 A person in a S&M outfit at the bus stop.
 A lighter with mechanics a bit different than a person could imagine.
 I'm pretty sure every single one of us had this idea of a scary hand reachin' out of a monitor. The foot down there is a person fallin' away.
 The nutcracker idea came back. Only this time he's in the attic.
I remembered a russian novel called "The master and the Margaret". It's about how casually a person made a pact with the devil. So i put the devil himself next to person to casually watch TV.

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