2010 m. gruodžio 12 d., sekmadienis

Insomnia Sessions: Idea Thumbin' 2

More ideas thrown out there

The idea of a person havin' two pupils in one eye always excited me.

 No idea where i got influence for this one. The idea came as in,there's a tv in a normal house and all that. But the one watchin' the TV is a person in a restrainment jacket and wheelie that carries the uniquely insane.

A person sittin' in the dark but under the light. A simple idea but has a good smell to it.

I think i had a dream a few months back of my house bein' on these little small wheels and that it rolled bit by bit.

 A classical idea of a burnin' letter.
Remembered this one from perception. How humans react to things that look like a face. 

 A portrait of someone in the hallway. And the portrait would be lookin' at you.
 A head with a watch. Nothing special except that the hand doesn't have skin and you can see the meat.
 The main scene is inside of a car and there's a dark figure of an alien humanoid thing. Got the idea from one of NIN's album covers.

 A jail room. With a newspaper on one of the beds.
 Also had this one in a dream. Three gentlemen standin' with their back to me. In some sort funny in a chappy way,but in some way creepy that they seem identical and have turned their backs on the viewer.
 Figures in the dark. Don't really want to bother with such stereotypical ideas,but an idea is an idea.
 A stop motion frame of a glass of wine/whiskey fallin' at a weird angle and the liquid is spilled.
 People wearin' glasses would understand this one. Like how you look through the glasses,you can understand what you see,while the rest can seem blurry and creepy sometimes.
 A twisted design of a library. I'd want to give this one a feel of gettin' lost.
 A cave/metro like place with lightbulbs hangin' instead of proper lamps.
 Phil gave me a good idea of the childish fears of the elderly in my earlier posts. The childish speculations of makin' your sweet grandpa look like somethin' monstrous.
 This is an idea i got when a friend showed me his hand-made camera out of a little bag of juice. Why not make that half primitive mechanism in to a half advanced. A packet of juice if a real photo camera engine in it.
 Ice cubes with blood. Cold and creepy.
 A scene filled with lightbulbs and wires. If added some depth blur it'd look good.
 Monkey on a cross. Came as an inspiration from NIN - Closer music video. In some way i find this idea really good,but on the other hand it'd be too offensive. but it's still an idea.
 A normal house kitchen with a ball gag and money on the table. A bit of abnormality to the normal scene. Also to show the sexual weird nature of a man.
A hand holdin' an egg on finger. Not impossible,but still not somethin' we see everyday.

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