2010 m. gruodžio 15 d., trečiadienis

Daily Routine 1

Thought of a great way to work out my insomnia problems.  Before sleep,till 12 i'm gonna make something in an hour or two. As daily routine to get my brain to work a bit and then fall asleep with more ease. Decided to make at least one or two piece of work per day to get my body runnin' properly again. Today i ended with this.

The Sweatshop is something not really sane to laugh about. It's a place where people in the older days used to work for pennies with enormous physical labor. All day doin' simple works,but to the point of havin' bloody hands,splinters,wounds and such. And people were paid the most humane minimum of pennies they could get. It's like slave labor,only for people who actually want to work in any way possible to feed their families. For this piece i decided to make the word Sweatshop a bit more grand. Something like a mixed night club-casino style sign. With all those lights that glow in the dark so vividly.

Done completely in photoshop.

2 komentarai:

  1. If you're having sleep issues, then it's not wise to crack maya open. Your brain works faster and thus causes you to be unable to sleep. Turn the computer off, get into bed and read a book for 30 minutes, your brain will slowly slow down and you'll be ready for bed.

    Sweatshops still exist by the way.

  2. They do exist,but not in such numbers as in the old days.

    I tried that,but it didn't work too well. For some reason i can fall asleep peacefully after completing something and havin' that feelin' of achievement. The feeling that i didn't waste my day.