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Insomnia Sessions: Research

I'll admit it,i haven't posted in the last week due to my lazyness. But since my insomnia came back and my fail on unit 2 have fired me up for improvement in my workflow,i shall,while dippin' my tortilla chips in this delicious salsa sauce,will post my so far reached research. Since the style of my art is called Insanity Shock i decided to turn lemons in to lemonade and start my research from the beginnin' of what inspired me to do art in the first place.

Mainly i've began my research from music. This idea came after watchin' The Haunted and remembering the influence that sound and music can create upon people.

My childhood band is Nine Inch Nails,so i started my research with them.

The first thing that caught my eye is lightning. There was some artificial lights but main source was this day light comin' down in to the studio through dusty windows,which gives an idea of using some kind of frame in front of the light for the shadow effect,and maybe adding some kind of dusty texture to it for an effect.

This scene is somethin' that really gets the eye. I know that modeling a full human body with clothes will be too much for me,but maybe an object hangin' in space,would make a good effect.

This is scene is interesting because of the blowing the dust off the hat effect. The uncanny type of scenes have alot of dust-type effects.

This is scene is interesting because of the unnatural look and feeling that comes from the 7 men in the shot. One of them was shown in a close-up manner,showin' a bit of weird air around him. What i like the most about him is the look that he makes at the camera.

These objects aren't seen too well in the video at first glance,but if takin' a better look at them,they have that amazing design of "uncanny" which i need for this project.

I haven't seen a single movie,music video or animation that's supposed to have a weird atmosphere without bugs. That is somethin' that should be checked.

 Now the pig reminds of the research we've done on Unit 1. That the pig is somethin' that is resembled and hated in the human nature. Here it's also added to some kind of steam punk torture device which creates a great effect.

Now this scene gave me a few ideas about doin' a reversed tableu scene. Where the drawn forms and shapes could be in the front,and the 3D objects on the background. But i won't touch such ideas which are too risky. The idea of a dark shape in some kind of motion is enough.

Now this scene was designed as to show,again,the theme of the pigs,but here the meat/rib sides are shown as if the look like wings.

The heart in the very beginnin' of the video is also somethin' that is worth payin' a closer attention,at how the heart made half-organic - half-steam punk.

 Now this scene made me realize that i'll have to have the +18 warnin' for my blog. The sex toys put up on the wall and used on the musician Trent Reznor symbolise the sexuall nature of the humans. Such type of scenes are often used in obnoxious movies.

The scene with a severed head,which was played around with in the name of science. The head is put on a table and decorated with fruits and flowers as if it's normal to have a head on the table. A full human body might be too much,but a severed part i can try to make.

Now this scene is shown for a really short amount of time,but it's also i've noticed to be "uncanny". The amount of candle wax creates an amazing effect.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Directed by Mark Romanek

Making of the Closer

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Another NIN video that inspired me in alot of ways. Survivalism.

The video basically speaks for itself. A combination of shots which are viewed as camera shots. The video starts which somewhat simple shots that each have a simple story and the evolve through out the cameras. After a while a team of soldiers run in silently,while the shots maintain a level of simplicity.


Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

Break time!

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