2010 m. lapkričio 29 d., pirmadienis

Maya Unit 2

Ambient O.

Final. :]

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  1. I would say the final is way too bright and oversaturated. Could you show your Beauty pass please?

  2. The brightness is probably caused by not adjusting the Gamma settings from 2.2 t0 1. If you open the Hypershade, click on the utilities tab. If you open up the MIA-Exposure icon in the attribute editor you will see the Gamma setting, just adjust as appropriate and re-render.

  3. Hi Dmitrji

    Well done for completing your street. However you just tripped up at the last stage. You brightness (as Simon says) is caused by an incorrect Gamma setting.

    Under the Render Settings - Quality Tab - Framebuffer - The Gamma should be set to 0.454.

    Under the MIA Exposure node (See Simon's post) the Gamma should be set to 1.