2010 m. gruodžio 8 d., trečiadienis

Insomnia Sessions: Research 2

Break time over!

Movin' on to the next research subject.

David Bowie - I'm afraid of Americans

What is fantastic about this idea is the way they've shown how many gestures can be viewed as something else then just a simple hand movement. The context about America bein' a country full history related to wars. And how the fear of that context follows the man. That much hate and war is also shown as the reason why Jesus carried our sins.

David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans


DC Talk - Jesus Freak

This video has a lot of religious text i dare not to touch for a review. But the director of this video is Mark Romanek,the one that directed the Closer video for Nine Inch Nails. The design of the video was made splendid.

DC Talk - Jesus Freak

I think that'll be enough of music video research. Time to hit back to the books. BOOK POWER!

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