2010 m. gruodžio 8 d., trečiadienis

Insomnia Sessions: Research 3

Forgot that it's 1 AM and the library won't be happy for me at the moment.

First wanted to start searchin' humanoid robots,cause they'd show a good expression,un-human type of expression,which we all noticed in video games for example in means of AI. But decided that i shouldn't put habits in this project and i want to search for somethin' more natural lookin' and still have that feelin' of "weird" and "unnatural" around it. So i opened my old little notebook with names i studied for art exam. Strangely enough i found interesting pieces for inspiration.

This isn't an art piece,i found it a while back and the idea in whole is interesting. These USB ports are around New York city. They can somewhat symbolise the technology that has evolved to the point of us depending on it practically everywhere. 

These are plaster-made hands symbolisin' the Appolo astronauts. They were designed to fit exactly like their gloves. 

Now these two pieces out of the whole series of such work defentilly describe the word "Uncanny".

Made by: Lauren Craste

Created by Iori Timota,a japanese artist who combined art and science to create this piece. 

Now this piece is called Tableu. It's made to re-create data in to both physical and digital format. How? No idea. But the idea of mixin' old type of furniture with modern technology is a great idea.

Made by John Kestner

The idea of a mechanism to be stripped down to the core parts that make it work is also something interesting to make. 

Made by Daniel Weil

Break time!

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