2010 m. rugsėjo 22 d., trečiadienis

Log 0923.1 "Sickness"

A few facts up front before you start reading this.

First fact,today is 22nd of September,and i'm gonna sit today out at home. Not because i'm lazy,overslept ir just wanted to go to the strip club instead. No. I've respectedly got up at 8 AM to go jogging. But yesterday durin' the preview of "The Fly" something really ticked off in my stomache and ,i horse shit you not when i say that, i feel sick as crap at the moment. I'm not leaving the house.

Second fact,i've felt that i've overkilled it with the mood in my last blog post. So to make it up i'm gonna write everything today in a proper manner. That includes everything i should've posted by now and should post in next few days. Since i got some free time why not do some work,eh?

In the next blog posts i'm gonna write about:

Log 0923.2 - Gonna review the movie "The Fly". Both of them.
Log 0923.3 - Gonna write about the progress on our Anatomy project
Log 0923.4 - About MY project progress.
Log 0923.5 - Write about Life Drawing classes.
Log 0923.6 - Some personal thoughts.

This is all gonna be done today through out the whole day.
So you might as well read everything tommorow.


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