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Log 0923.2 "The Fly"

The Fly (1958)

The first movie was incredible if you look at it from the point of view of people in those times. The effects were nicely done for the CG ability of those times. And the scenarion was pretty polished. Some people think that acting was bad. But i think it's not that it was bad. It's the culture. At that time people were like that. Sensetive. Caring. And expressing themselves with gestures differently is that type of manor during those days.

But enough about weather and politics says the Fly.

Favorite lines:
Andre: [about the cat killed by the transporter] She disintegrated perfectly, but never reappeared.
Helene: Where's she gone?
Andre: Into space... a stream of cat atoms...

In overall i think the movie was great. And i don't mean it in the manner of me laughin' half of the movie like an idiot. Some parts were just hilarious. I mean the scenario about scietntists playin' with God and about karma when really small things can just become the end of anyone. Just the idea about the fly is brilliant. And it really showed a woman's carin' character. Where Helene chooses to stay with her husband till the very end. The gestures and emotions really showed her love towards the man in the the giant mutant fly costume with crab claws.

But let's get back in to the future with flyin' cars and phones that have a mustard dispenser.

Right now this movie isn't rated as a "movie". It's rated more as a symbol. 

"It's been said again and again that this is a good horror film. A Very Good film. But it is more than that."

The Fly (1986)

"The playful, quirky chemistry between Goldblum and Davis in the first half of the movie ensures that this gothic horror is heartbreaking as well as stomach-churning." - Time out

Now this movie on the other hand is quite different from it's younger brother. It's pushed more towards the reality of the subject of gettin' your ass kicked by God. The story is similiar. Rivalry between men over a lady. The lady chooses the one who's about to become an ugly-butt creature. Who saw that coming? I didn't. And it shows more of the human's "beasty" nature. And organs at that. But the story is a bit different. The typical "scientist" was able to make somethin' that would "change the world". That'd seem as a gifted from God himself. But over drunk mind and relationship confusion he decided to do the "5-year old" thing. "I wonder what will happen if i'll put a fork in the ELECTRICITY OUTLET allthough mommy and daddy told me NOT to do it?". Yes,as you guessed from my sarcasm he decided to teleport himself. But unlike in the first movie where the scientist get's punished for playin' God,this scientist here get's punished for bein' an idiot and playin' with God's gift. 

Seth: What am I working on? Uhh... I'm working on something that will change the world, and human life as we know it. 

Though some parts made me think bad about the movie. For example when the ape was inside out,and they both watched it like "Oh,i've seen this before many times,my reaction should be simple and not disturbed.". They watched the thing twitch and bleed like it was normal. The reaction was similiar to the typical "Oh,shit..." reaction in movies nowadays.

Yup,that is a monkey. 

The other part that was out of picture,was when the scientist was tellin' the girl about his problem while bein' disguistin' in apperence. He was smilin' and smirkin' like it was some joke. "Oh,i'm gonna die soon miserably as a hideous monster. Ain't that somethin'?". Don't get me wrong though. I found that part funny as sh*t. Probably cause i find sh*it funny. 

Now i've seen lot's of zombie and horror movies in my days. But this is the first time it got to the magical point of turnin' my laughter in to disguist and stomache problems. The scene with the donut and the ear fallin' off was the limit for my launch.

Man In Bar: Better watch out, he eats chocolate bars.
Other Man in Bar: Yeah, so I noticed. 

The process of the transformation is pretty detailed though:

I wish i could watch the movie properly and check out what i missed. But my stomache isn't in the mood for that right now.

In overall i'd give the first movie a 8/10 and the second a 6/10.

Just for the overall karma,here's a video of a dude tryin' to kill an insect and get's attacked by it instead. Just for a final laugh.

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