2010 m. rugsėjo 1 d., trečiadienis

Bye bye Cinema 4D,i'll miss you~

This is my last work in Cinema 4D,and alas,just on the same day as the new version came out. So sad.
But heck,unless we push our dear friends off a cliff,while they're tied up to a chair together with a mutant squid,they'll just come back and make you feel sorry for your decision. I think of my tools as if they are my team,my partners,my sexy Megan Fox girlfriend harem....but you have to say good bye sometime to meet new people who can do their job better in this type of work. So here is my final clip:

I'm not even gonna bother re-rendering it and fixin' all the mistakes. It just hurts so much! 

But heck,we all have to move on. I'll go bake some cupcakes and roll around with some adorable puppies now!

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