2010 m. rugpjūčio 31 d., antradienis

101 concept drawings (Part 2)

I'm pretty sure drinkin' this much coffee is bad for my health,atleast i feel great right. But not to the point i'd like to continue workin' today. So,on to the progress!
Today's results:

And now off to the world of dreams and finish my adventures with the sexy lesbians from the planet Snorch!

G'night everyone!

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  1. Hi Dmitrij,

    looks like you are starting to get back on track with brief, as Phil stated in your previous post it is vital to get an understanding of the brief at the earliest possible opportunity. If you doubt sit down with your peers and/or lecturers and ask questions. The sooner you can get this sorted the more time you will be able to spend producing relevant work. (lecture over)

    In regards to the doodles you have done it can be a good idea to keep a sketchbook and just bash a page of these out at the beginning and end of each day as a form of mental warming up/down exercises (just like an athlete).