2010 m. rugpjūčio 31 d., antradienis

101 concept drawings (Part 1)

It’s been awhile since I’ve opened up the ol’ cellar door and let you awful, cruelly formed things out for a bit of exercise and stimulation, so I thought I’d make this occasion extra special and give you a little inside look into how I create some of the wonders you might have spied up through the cracks in the floorboards while fighting for your survival amongst the other ravenous horrors down there with ya!

So i've finally set my aims,mind and ambitions for the next 3 years of university and am ready to set sail!
Started the 101 concept drawings home work:

It's looking good so far,not as good as my sexy moustache,but good enough. Though i'm not sure that this A1 sheet of paper will have enough space for all 101 monstrosities,freakish creations,dead zombie babies of my mind AKA sketches,but heck,it's worth a shot.

Also i'm rendering a small animation in Cinema 4D as a sign of sayin' "Good Bye" to it,since i'm gonna betray it for Maya,by stabbing it in the throat with my tablet pen,don't judge me.
Durin' Uni time,i'm not only goin' to study but also start an independent project which will include later on the usage of a game engine,i've already downloaded and started learning the Unreal Engine,so far i'm happy with it. And Maya would really help with this baby. 

Here are some screened memories of what i'm making in Cinema 4D right now:

I bet this is going to look so awesome in the finished animation render~

Ok,back to work!

-The Drunk Rabbit

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  1. Hey Dmitrij,

    Thanks for the Evil Dead clip - what fun that movie is... however, just some advice; remember that the brief asks you to use the objects on the two sheets provided from which to create your 101 design ideas; it's not a free-for-all - it has certain limits, and you need to get used to the idea asap that following a brief is rule number one!!! For a good example of how those ordinary objects can be used very creatively, please visit the following posts:


    I suggest you take a moment to re-read the brief and then get stuck in with your obvious enthusiasm!

  2. Oh,sorry,my bad!
    I guess either i'll adapt these ideas to the objects from the sheet or i'll make new. Dunno yet! I'm gonna go get some coffee and get back to work then!

    Thank you for pointing it out for me!