2010 m. rugpjūčio 5 d., ketvirtadienis

Gettin' ready for the first job.

So we got a first job for the rest of summer till uni begins. I've started a few sketches and i understood that i've lost my form. I'm totally not ready for this. My mind is yet back to the creative mode and mood i need for the right way to apply my skills to this job. Workin' most of the summer as a waiter really have it's effect. It's not that i need inspiration,no. I have enough inspiration and ideas to kill a horse. But when i start drawin' it doesn't feel right. the flow is unbalanced and my arm has lost it's form. So for the right idea what i need to aim for to get back at my style,i'm gonna do a routine of trainings:

1. i've ruined about 60 pages of A4 paper like i did with sketchin' practice durin' my isolation last year. Just scribbling away at it. No idea,just the freedom of the hand and the pencil. Then re-creating the detailed form of the scribbles by imagining what could've i had in the back of my mind while usin' my arm for this.

2. opened up my freelancer account around some places,to get some job done. I think it's really important to know how to adapt your style to the given task. First order already in. A music video with the footage of extreme toy car racin'. Gotta make it epic.

3.Checked out some of my old sketches to get back at the feel of what kind of ideas i used to have.
Old sketches:

3.Started minor projects to re-learn the basics of my native software and re-learned the basics of Maya,since i'll have to adapt my skills to this software during university.
Here's one of the sketches:

I really hope this won't take too long,i need to get back in form and start hackin' and slashin' at the preparation for uni!

Insanity Shock

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