2010 m. rugpjūčio 4 d., trečiadienis

A new journey ahead.

So,i'm soon to be a university student and oh how am i looking forward to it!
Gonna be learning Maya! Maybe'll learn mroe about After Effects since CS5 came out not long ago! And maybe i'll learn to mesh my skills in Cinema 4D with the new skills that are gonna be taught to me in UCA.

Just thinkin' of the possabillities makes me giggle and all warm inside! :3

Insanity Shock

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  1. Hey Dmitrij,

    Welcome - so, you're an experienced blogger - excellent - then it's time to join the CGAA community and get networking with your classmates. Below is a link to the summer project post on the CGAA group blog - have a read of the comments too for some ideas regarding ways in which to approach the project... I'm looking forward to seeing your design drawings appear on your blog - impress me!


    Also, keep an eye out for posts with a 'New' image, as they'll profile new first year blogs as they 'go live'.

  2. ... also, could you re-jig your blog template so your followers are displayed as icons? Thanks.