2010 m. rugsėjo 5 d., sekmadienis

101 concept drawings (Part 3)

Today is a beautifull Sunday and it's really worth appreciatin',atleast that sounds nice in my head.
Anyway,the reason why i didn't put up any progress in the last few days was because of few reasons,first one is:

Yeah,it's a real mess here,sure took me a while to clean everything.
And the second reason why i'm soo late with updates is because of internet problems,our provider turned off the internet for "repairs". Yeah,3 days already. So i'm updating out a cafe right now. Also i'm movin' to England on Tuesday,i hope there's gonna be internet there.

So about the homework. I'll be perfectly honest with all of you. I hate this type of work. It's drivin' me mad. For some reason i can't really come up with much on these types of objects. Maybe i've got a creativity block all of a sudden. But i've never had problems like these. Basiclly what i'm doin' right now,i don't even think. I just scribble in a few seconds the first thing what comes to mind. I've tried concepting and thinkin' of somethin',but my brain can't do it right now for some reason. Though i'm pretty sure my brain is just too used to projects where there's already a given subject to work around with and not just random objects.

But heck,who am i to complain. I'm not of the lazy kind. I'll finish this and mark my words i'll try my best to amaze every single of you!

So i'm goin' through quite some changes right now. But i hope my energy will be enough to ace projects in university.

And here's a random picture of my dog:

Ok,i'm gettin' back to work.


The Drunk Rabbit

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  1. Hey Dimitrij, I think It wasn't necessary to draw every single sketch totaly different, you could simply try to improve few ideas that you liked the most by redrawing them slightly different again and agin, but ofcourse I don't say that it is a bad thing to do everything as you did, it just looks like it requires quite a lot more work and inspiration. :)

  2. it's easier for my brain that way. These are thumb concepts,they're too small and undetailed to work around variations. I just throw out ideas that flash in my mind. Then i'll take the ideas and i'll work them like clay on the A2 paper. But believ me when i saw this,some of these sketches might look lame and primitive,but in my head they're e'fin' epic and most of them even have their own story.

  3. Cool, I believe you. (That phrase about belief seemed like from Naruto) xD