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Barbarella (1968)

Written: Jean-Claude Forest
Directed: Roger Vadim
Review by: Dmitrij Polukarov

Review Topic:  Concept Design of the Environment and it's Connection to the Story

Barbarella is French comic created by Jean-Claude Forest and is known to be the first adult comic. The film directed by Roger Vadim was directed based on this comic. It's a story about a young woman named Barbarella who travels from planet to planet on various adventures. In this movie she is assigned by the president of Earth to save and retrieve a scientist named Durand-Durand in order to prevent a dangerous weapon to fall in to the wrong hands. 

The designs in this movie are a mix of several concepts. First concept is based upon the 60's when furry rooms and stylish disco style decorations were the most popular trend. The inside of the space ship,the corridors and rooms of SoGo,clothing style and the Chamber of Dreams. The second concept was Space and energy-like effects were made liquid-type special effects,which in current times often are used for live visuals,which proves their effectiveness  a type of eye-candy for the viewer. Which in some theories also came from a popular 60's trend of owning a lava lamp. The third concept is the design in which the labyrinth of the outcasted were living.


                                                                                                                        - Paul Shortt

The style that often literally underlines the 60's would be the disco style with it's groove. Disco balls,colourful lights,puffy and soft carpets,obscene shaped furniture,lava lamps and pacifistic love. This is what can be easily imagined in a stylish young person's room at that time. This movie has all of these things. The design of Barbarellas ship could be first seen as a room,instead of a space ship chamber. 

There were no real-life scenes. All the scenes were artificial,hand-made. "Barbarella" is one of those films that is so visually way-out that you could enjoy it just as much without sound. The wonderful Lava-Lamp production design by Mario Garbuglia and iconic futuristic costumes by Jacques Fonteray & Paco Rabanne display a great deal more ingenuity and wit than the script.

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  1. This is an even-handed review - good- but get more corroborative quotes in there to lend more weight and credibility to your discussion. I want you to approach your reviews with the same attention to academic convention etc. as you would your essays. I want cg students to be as confident academically as they are creatively and technically - it's all the same job!