2010 m. spalio 10 d., sekmadienis

Perception thoughts

Can't fall asleep for some reason. Feelin' literally like a potato bag,but still can't have any rest. Really weird.

But heck,while watchin' my ceilin' slowly movin' out of my mind had some time to think about what to write in my essay.

Had some thoughts about Perception,wanted to try discussin' how perception is a "weapon of an artist" and "bad friend to a person". Cause my skill set is in animation,but i came from a film study background. And i remember my film course teacher tellin' me once,"The Film is the art of lyin'". So basiclly it's an art for entertainin' the viewers by makin' up stories. Basiclly a friend that'll lie to you to make you happy. But thanks to that it resulted in alot of stereotype memoes,makin' a person's mind basiclly like my brain is right now after watchin' the ceilin' for 5 hours tryin' to feel asleep.

Also wanted to discuss perception as a flow of information that is read differently by every next person. The example would be from the book "Art of the Digital Age". If a person would walk in to a room with two screens. One screen would show the code with which an animation was done 25 years ago,and the other screen would show some motion image. A normal person would just watch the motion picture,while an artist,a film artist to be exact would watch the code,cause he'd prefer seein' the model deeper and more closer to the truth it was made with.

Those are all of my thoughts for now,too tired to think about more perception.

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