2010 m. spalio 10 d., sekmadienis

Metamorphosis thoughts

Since i started talkin' about essays,i'll throw a few thoughts i wrote down about metamorphosis.

I'm thinkin' of seein' the metamorphosis process in three topics.

(for less "thinker box" stress i'll just call it "it")

Thinkin' of "it" as process of life,in both humans and animals,how it's an unbreakable chain of our lives but still flexible for variety and it's own specifics.

Thinkin' of "it" as a process of human's religion,an object of worship,an image that humans either might bow down to with love and respect either be scared of.

Thinkin' of "it" as a process of a human's imagination. More on a biological level. A human's brain is the most powerfull engine to read forms,colours,depth and it's powerfull enough to be able to mix these things up,resulting in different metamorphosis creations. Gonna see this through as bio-art.

I'm thinkin' of takin' more detailed aproach towards the "imagination",since it's partially connected to religion and that would cover it up,and the "part of life",since that's the most active example of metamorphosis.

Feelin' sick and i think i'll be able to fall asleep now that i've put this out of my mind.


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