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Log 1003 "Cat People"

Now for first thoughts before i get to the details of the movie. Am i the only one who thinks that the scary meowin' on the background in some scenes could be the disintegrated cat from the first The Fly?

Now that we got that out of the way,let's get down to business.

"Cat People" (1942)

The movie as it is quite a piece of work. For a black and white movie i mean. The movie was made with quite some flaws in my opinion,which made the viewer question some scenes. But let's get in that later.

Now this story is quite interesting and had a light tension through out the whole movie. It's a story about a girl from Siberia,that moved to America with a dark past she's scared off and frightened by the truth she senses by instinct,but also with a strong sense of a woman's sexual desire. Throught the whole movie she's fighting both,the animal beast of the past and the sexual beast in the present. There's also a husband for this young lady. An architect that met her at the Zoo. At first he seemed as the strong,brave,honest and not the type to cheat. But later on i find that incorrect. He seems to be the type who does worship the feelin' of love and enjoyin' the life with your loved one. But he still loses his image to the feelin' of his sexual desire and a life with a partner who talks about more than just her sad past. Also there's his partner in work. I never say anyone's name during reviews,but let's put one thing up front. She's a female. A rival for love of the architect. I wrote that line down,really liked how it sounds. She seems like a person to seem strong and always smiles,but she admits her weakness of love and she shows later her weakness of bein' scared of the Beast-wife of the architect,in more ways than just a beast-animal...thing. And now the next character made my day! With all these people bein' all weak and scared,there's a strong persona with the ability to hold everyone on their legs. The psychotherapist. He had a really strong character,always sayin' one thing but thinkin' more than one option and more than one version of the  story he hears. He's the man to think and the man to have his own thoughts on things. A really strong character to balance everyone's fears.


The idea is great in my opinion even until now. But the story was movin' too slowly in this picturem. Really didn't get the point in which the story was at sometimes,either it was a beggining either the end  either the film eneded ages ago. But story had some really strong points,for example the scene after the simple cafe scene,it got really intense,with the shadows runnin' around the victim and about to handle the punch line. The chase scene,the pool scene,the scene at the labs. Really well played and really well rolled out the results. But the scenes with moanin' about bein' scared or frightened? Too many of those. 


Style done really well. I even took the liberty of watchin' "Coffee And Cigarettes" just to compare the style. Black and white. Cigarettes. Style of talking. Great! Loved it! The scenes where the shadows are an important aspect of the picture. Brilliant! Zoo,the architect labs,the flat. Everything's planed perfectly. Not much i can say on this case. And the symbolism is used here really wisely. For example the shadow of a bird cage on a drawing of a panther. Or when the beast-girl stands beside Anubis,who is know as a mixed half-human half-jackal. In that scene the girl is shown in aspect of balancin' dark and white,to fit the image of the statue of Anubis.

Other people's opinion:

"The biggest weakness of Cat People is that the characters are somewhat simplistic. Irena is a good girl who can go bad, Oliver is a swell guy who wants to do the right thing, Alice is a swell girl who wants her man. This leaves creepy Dr. Judd as the most interesting character. He has a dark side as well, but will the predator become the prey?" - Brian Koller

Just as i mentioned before,really love how the therapist is shown as the strongest persona of all.....human people in this story.

"Female sexuality is a rich source of a certain kind of horror - the kind of horror that plays upon the anxieties that prudish bourgeois men have about their wives' sex lives." - Leo Goldsmith

Women are scary in real life too though. Just sayin'. But the author really made a good film symbolisin' women as sexual animals that can pretty much kill a male. 

"Cat People" is an amazing achievement with a distinct sense of classic horror and a good dose of suspense. If you like horror--or if you don't--this is a must-see film, and it is certainly one of the most memorable cult horror classics of all time, led by some great performances and a very talented director behind the camera. What a treat." - John Ulmer

Not much to say about this comment but to agree that the film in overall is a fine creation to see with friends.

All in all,i give it a 6.5/10

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