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Log 1002 "La belle et la bete"

"La Belle et la Bete" (1946)

The movie itself as it is was pretty stunnin'. I love the how they made the effects and stylised the whole concept of the motion picture in to this dark,grand but gentle film for every member of your family. 


The story itself is already a unique concept for anyone who watches it. If it is for your own shameless entertainment or teachin' your kids somethin' important in life. The whole story about the beast bein' a "trans-mutated beast of a lion/boar/bear/squirrle/whatever it was" and still havin' the heart of a man and the image of a king. 

The characters were really well placed. The Father as the core of everyone's relationship. The no-good son,who's clumsy and has an alcocholism problem,allthough he acts as a high persona. The son's friend,who seems really close with the family since he's always with them. Who's arrogant,brave and foolish. The two evil sisters who dream for the life of the rich and respected and are really self-centered. The Beauty is gentle,warm-hearted and tolerant to any abuse towards her. The Beast,the animal with a heart of a man. A really scary and at the same time kind bein',but mixed really well. He's shown as a lonely and sufferin' character.

Concept and style:

The movie was made as a type to equal to the theatre in all points. Decorations were done perfectly to make the viewer feel the atmosphere of the scene. The perfect example is the castle in which the Beast lives. The hand-torches,human sculptures. The magnificence is shown perfectly. And the surroundings around the magical monumet is well balanced,with greens and nature coverin' the monument and with the shine and white on the inside.

Also alot is done with the help of shadows and light. The balancin' between light and dark when needed,with a sugar-spice of smoke effects made the..."render" well done.

Other thoughts:

I really didn't like they way they accelerated the relationship between The Beast and The Beauty. As the viewer i had the feelin' when day changed to night. But i didn't sense the change in time. As in,i didn't feel that a month passed since she arrived there and the time when she came back home. To me,it felt as if it all happened in just a week. Also,The Beast's actin'. I'm not bein' too harsh right now,i understand the way they
the acting was done in those days was totaly different from ours,due to culture. But the constant sufferin' of The Beast,in my opinion was a bit of a...exageration. He looked like he has some terminal illness all the time. I doubt he was castrated as a young kitten. His constant moaning wasn't annoyin',it just looked like one of those football players that fall on the ground as if they were hit by lightnin' in the groin when they get a simple accidental slap in the shoulder from the opposite team's players. I might as well be wrong,but that really bugged me.

Other people's opinion:

"This version of the familiar fairy tale has long been revered for its dreamlike state, which continues to mesmerize even in this age of $100 million computer-generated effects." - Matt Brunson

This quote,i like. I agree that the theatrical elements in the film showed really great result,and that they can be compared to the CG quality nowadays in terms of atmosphere and style.

"Not only is this fantasy at it's very best, it often comes off more as a poem rather than a movie but you won't care. It's one of the most visually dazzling poems ever put on film." - Unknown

The cup of sugar added with the help of lights,smoke and abstrac and vintage decorations.

"This is not the work of a cinematic genius, but an artist dabbling in film." - FilmFolded.com

Now this one has a good point. If i was to see the movie on a theater's stage or in a graphic audio novel,i'd recieve the same effect emotionally. The movie was made with artistic commitment and the respect to the visual arts.

I've got nothing else to add. Loved the movie. 8/10

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