2009 m. rugpjūčio 12 d., trečiadienis

First Break Day

Random fact: i have over 500 art works on my pc at the moment and my pc is full. Bought an outter hard drive for 300 gigs to put all of my work there. Pretty weird that i have so much i've done,but i'm not gonna show it to anyone,cause for some reason i don't feel like it. Only the chosen art of the day is shown here.

So today i met up with some friends and had a wonderfull time...for the most part though. In the evening i'm pretty beat. So tommorow i'm gonna work,but still rest.
I'm gonna make a tutorial for something out of my own graphic techniques and go to town to take some photoes for 3D textures and photo editing practice. So umm...yeah!

And if any of you would like to help me in my work in any way like sending me photoes to work with,texture pics,ides for stories and characters and other what you think as in a creative way,please do feel like telling me :] I love working with other people.
You can send me your suggestions or photoes or anything else like love and snacks to my e-mail InsanityShock@gmail.com

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