2009 m. liepos 7 d., antradienis

Once upon a time...

...there was an ASSasin that was ordered to ASSasinate anothe
ASSasin,who was in fact the ASSasin which ASSasinated his family,which
was from a secret ASSasin organization of ASSasins,that was called ASS
(ASSasin Stories Suck)....

Yeah,i'm a desperate and lonely man that's tryin' to put as much ASS
in a sentence as he can. It's 4'o clock in the fuckin' mornin' and i'm
tired,sleepy and hungry. But heck,far bus rides were always fun for
me,infact kind of exciting. Just lookin' through the window and
watchin' how the mist surrounds all the trees...bushes...freaky dudes
in armor and with scissors to rip my heart out with... I'd really go
for a smoke right now....

If you can,please send me food via sms.

Gir 2.0

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