2009 m. liepos 7 d., antradienis

A little update on things

Just gonna tell what i'm up to and what i'm plannin' to do.
1.The tutorial i'm doin' here is to show g bit of the workflow and
experimenting i use when creatin' illustrations
(characters,backgrounds,effects and etc.) i'm gonna do a few more in
near future.
2. An independent music video for The Garbage's song Metal Heart. I've
been filmin' a fuck load of stuff for this video,so i'm expecting
something good to come out of this.
3. A music video for The BreezeBloxxx's track Machines. This is an
animated video and takes alot work out of me aswell. Flash combined
with 3D is just a charmin' workflow that shows awesome results,but the
results tire me quickly,so this one will take some time too.
4.Takin' a break from all of this and goin' to Film camp for a week
from 8th till 17th of July. Maybe i'll learn something new and awesome
that i'd use in my work.

There's more news and updates but screw that,gotta get ready for the
trip. I'm still gonna be updating here.

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