2011 m. birželio 13 d., pirmadienis

Aaaaaaand we're back online!

Resolved account problems. Got some good rest in the last few weeks of the holidays but it is "Go Time" again.
Not sure if i'm gettin' in to second year even if i do finish these projects but heck,i got nothing else to do.

Work plan:
1. Re-submission Essay for the Time Machine Unit. (27th of June)
2. Re-submission of everything for Unit 6: Commission. (1st of July)
3. Jon Stewart's Design Contest. (29th of July)
4. 1>2 Contest. Sound file: The Sabre Dance song. I have the proper name of the track but i can't find the notebook i've written it in. (Mid October) Not sure if i'm gonna be allowed to participate though if i'm gonna get kicked out of uni or re-doin' the 1st Year.

Sub-Plan fo all the points of the plan:

1. Re-Submission Essay for the Time Machine Unit. (27th of June)

I plan to re-write the whole thing. My topic is goin' to be about the relationship of people towards those who are not like them. The Films i will use are The Hulk,The X-Men,Fantastic Four (this one's under question mark cause it's not fully on topic) and Man-Thing. All the films are rightfully creations of Marvel and are all based on comic books. The reason is why i chose these films is that they hold the topic of how people want to go around those who are different than they are. In all these films the characters are held as both something incredible or a menace and monsters. This topic can go down with some Freud's philosophy. The cultural context is that these scenarios of such people,creatures or even races fighting for their rights and defending their own ground from bein' held as circus acts. As a back up for this topic i will use older films like the King Kong and The Elephant Man. King Kong has that unique feature about the gigantic monkey which later serves as a factor to use him as a display item for people to watch. The Elephant is the closest to the topic. The Elephant Man is a horribly disfigured person who later on is shown as someone special and unique,but some people still want to hold him as a property for entertainment and money making. And some of Freud's philosophy can be used,in connection to one of his patients,Ernst Lanzer,who later on got nicknamed by Freud as The Rat Man.

That should sum it all up for now.

2.Re-submission for Unit 6: Commision

I was unable to see how exactly did i fail it cause i can't see the letter with Phil's summary about it due to country distance. But i think i have the gist of it.

Lack of research.
Lack of tutorials about how i made it.
Lack of Maya tutorials.
Lack of concept art.
The final animation looked more like a skeleton with an elvis wig that was dancin' on strings. The idea was too plain and had an un-finished stylised.

I've got work to do.

3. Jon Stewart's Design Concept:

Didn't have much thought about what to make for this.

I have three ideas for this though:

1. A robotic engineering robot. Either a heavy work one or a minor work one. Thinkin' an original design for this one is gonna be hard.

2. A female futuristic cosmic-style engineer. With maybe a partial robotic parts. Something to give her the ability to do her job. In a presentation she would hold up a heavy lookin' hammer or something to show that's she's confident in what she's doing.

3. A male engineer-blacksmith mix. I'm not fond of medi-evil type of designs,but some parts of the design can be used to emphasize the feeling of character's emotional build and design character. But not Steam-punk type of style. Something more medi-evil and still really high tech.

That's pretty much all i got for this project for now.

4.1>2 Contest.

For the contest i got the sound file number 5. Which has a long name for the original track,which i can't find where i wrote it down yet. But it's the music from the Sabre Dance ballet. I've decided not to do any animation for this one. I'm gonna patch it up with my 2D work and try drawing, modeling and sculpting for this. Maybe 3 renders of the male dancer in motion and 3 renders of the female dancers. I've still got to do a bit more study on this one to know exactly the dance and the way they dressed. More to come i guess.

Aaaaaaand i think that pretty much covers up everything i need to do through out this summer,if not more.

"Think you got what it takes to be "creative"? Then welcome to the other side of sanity."

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  1. Nice to hear you're looking to get involved in the project; though I would say you ought focus on the Uni stuff first and foremost - that's important. I've still yet to get really started on my project yet either, better do that! ;]

  2. I'm definitely gonna do uni work first. I still have a more than a month left to finish yours so i have enough time for everything. I forgot my tablet pen back in UK so no advance modeling or sculpting for me yet.