2011 m. kovo 22 d., antradienis

Robin Konieczny

Today we had a presentation from an inspirational artist Robin Konieczny. 

Had a wonderful thought about what he told us about his whole work flow in a team and having an important role for projects. 

His sculptures of the Madonna and the vulture really created an inspiration for me.
And the presentation of Double Negative really made a huge impression on me.

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

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  1. Interim Online Review 22/03/2011

    Hey Dmitrij,

    I'm pleased you enjoyed this afternoon.

    As I said, your 2nd story idea is the strongest - simply because it puts the behaviour of your object as its priority. In terms of assessment, the emphasis is on your demonstration of your understanding of the principles of animation. I'll be looking for clear evidence that you're working through the various animation handbooks etc. and investing authentically in this aspect of your toolkit. I'm also looking very closely at the quality of your written work, because I'm simply not seeing the necessary improvement: remember, your assignment should satisfy the following criteria - so whatever you choose to investigate, ensure it does.

    1) A clear introduction to your investigation, which should also mention the different published sources you have used and your reasons for choosing them. You should use no less than 5 published sources to inform your research.

    2) A clear definition of key ideas relating to your given topic, with supporting evidence in the form of, no less than, 3 quotations from 3 different published sources. Quotations must be interpreted and their importance discussed, they should also be referenced correctly using the Harvard method.

    3) The cultural context the topic came out of/was in reaction to.

    4) An illustrated ‘who’s who’ of key individuals associated with given topic, with a clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why.

    5) Historical examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and an assessment of their importance.

    6) Contemporary examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and a comparison to the historical examples.

    7) A conclusion.

  2. Advice taken,written on a sticky note and put on the wall in front of me. I'll have an introduction,needed designs or at least most part of the beginning by the end of the week.