2011 m. kovo 17 d., ketvirtadienis


A new story!

The pot plant is some kind tulp or any other kind of a pretty pot flower. He is nervous before the crit at the University for the Creative Plants (UCP). He decides to smoke some pot or a cig,which ever is allowed by censorship, to relax. Yet he relaxes a bit and becomes even more nervous. After the crit he is shown really sad to show that he has failed. And a PSA in the end. "Winners don't use drugs".

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

2 komentarai:

  1. This story is not good, Dmitrij - sorry to say - it's a bit adolescent and I'm not sure it provides you with adequate opportunities for animating your character trait effectively. Time for a re-boot.