2011 m. kovo 29 d., antradienis

@Phil Unit 5 - Quick story overview

I thought of this story which was kind of was inspired after watching "I married a strange person". I planned to stylise this story similar to that of  Don Hertzfeldt's "rejected".

I simple day with the pot plant enjoying the sun,when suddenly a strange creature appears and brings up alot of questions for the flower. The pot plant becomes nervous at the sight of the unknown creature.
-          Is he some kind of animal? So strange...
The cat continues it’s activity of watching the plant.
-          Is he some kind of alien? So strange...
The cat continues to watch.
-          Is he some kind of robot? So strange...
The cat suddenly appeared closer and startled the plant. After a few seconds it’s starts to play with the plant by trying to touch it. The plant tries to avoid the paws of the unknown beast.
-          Sooooo strange! So strange! So strange!
When the cat becomes a bit more desperate it makes a more ready to attack position which scares the plant. The plant takes out his roots out of the pot,jumps out and runs away. When the plant took out its’ roots they had little boots on them. As the flower runs off the cats stares at him and says:
-          So strange....

"I had a dream in which i was amazing,yet i woke up to find myself to be merely incredible."

4 komentarai:

  1. How do you intend to convey the various questions? Or do you simply intend to show the plant thinking/reacting? Without these thoughts, your story is 'Plant looks at cat, cat looks at plant, cat swipes plant, plant runs off' - this isn't a problem, but visually you've got a lot of 'thinking' to communicate to the audience.

  2. I wanted to add some voice to the animation in post production,simple as that.

  3. a bad or amateurish voice track can be the death of a piece of work, so I advise caution. Also, remember the emphasis of the unit - it's on the student's ability to demonstrate their understanding of the principles of animation. Have you been studying the various recommended books or watching the Richard Williams' DVDs in the library?

  4. Yeah,i have the animator's survival kit. Well,i'll try my best to avoid the face and the voice then. Hope this'll end well...