2011 m. sausio 14 d., penktadienis

@Phil /Primitive idea of the lights

This is a basic look how i want my scene to look. This is a quick sketch on both the design and the physical nature of the kitchen.

Set up some lightning in the scene,how i'd like it to look. Wanted to go for that mix of nightish feeling mixed with the lights to turn in to something green like and creepy. Most of the effect in this scene will be made thanks to the lightning,due to the light colour mixing and the reflective surfaces in the kitchen itself. So far i like where this is goin'. I have yet to add any additional objects cause i want to be careful with that,cause they might ruin the balance in the scene and might look stupid,but that's still in progress. Any tips further improvement of the scene? Anything to fix?

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  1. all I'd suggest is that your concept art needn't function as a 'straight jacket' for the final scene once you move into 3D, by which I mean, you could and maybe should consider moving the camera view once your set exists, if only to compare effects. My instincts suggest that a slightly lower camera position and a less 'dead centre' composition will create additional interest - but these are options to be explored. Also, you might consider deepening the redness of the floor tiles, to spark against the greenness of the flourescent lights and all that stainless steel.