2011 m. sausio 24 d., pirmadienis

New Semester Resolution

     As far as i've seen myself in the last 3 units i've come to conclusions and thought about how i want to improve my own creative self in the next projects. I've came to overcome somethings and i've said good bye to some things and i said....hi....to new things. So little by little my work is improving itself on its' own through out the progress i do. So this is my resolution for the next few stages of university and self improvement.

1. Writing.

     I came from a school where i was basically pushed through all the years thanks to my speaking skills and where our essays were of 180-250 words. So the newly introduced standards were quite the surprise for me. Little by little i had stick off my informal habit,thought it's still partially present,i'm learning and improving my academic writing. So i've decided to write a review for every film i'm gonna watch to improve writing and get in to the habit of writing. And i'm writing more g's. :)

2. Time management.

     I used to plan quite a lot of things to do in one day,so without measuring how much i can actually do,i just messed up my own plans and time tables. Some times i think due to this is that i like Batman,working at night,sleeping during day. I'm going to improve my time management. Slowly i'm starting to understand my own abilities concerning Maya and other work. And slowly i'm improving it. During the last project,i planned out every hour of work so that i could make it till the crit. I messed up a few times and the scene isn't as perfect as i would want it to be. So now,if i pass everything and won't have to waste time on re-doing some work. I'm going to dedicate most of my time to the project at hand and improving it with time management.

3. Work Flow
     During the last project,if it wasn't for my previous 3D experience i would be in deep trouble. Only thanks to my skills i have achieved in the last 4 years have i been able to finish the scene. Through hell have i gone to learn some functions in Maya and to be able to use them at full caliber i was expecting. I have prepared tome Maya DVD's and tutorials to be able to use them more fluently and with less lags about not knowing something. Since Maya is my new weapon of choice now.

For now that will be all.

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  1. Hey Dmitrij,

    Good to see you doing some self-reflection. You're a stubborn so-and-so, but I do detect that you're beginning to trust in the process a little more. The emphasis on the next project is on high quality, REAL drawing skills and visual story-telling. Please - use this next five weeks to actually take on some new techniques and skills - no more faking it, no more blagging, and no more 'charm-over-content', myUCA is rich in practical guides to wonderful character drawing, drawing for animation and storyboarding advice. Ignore it at your peril. You came here to learn remember - so learn! And I'm loving the use of the 'g'!