2011 m. sausio 17 d., pirmadienis

Graveyard update

I don't think i have time to continue this. I used an expressionistic style to cheat the time and create a visual that would show somewhat what i want to make.

3 komentarai:

  1. Dmitrij! Don't change your idea the last minute! yOU ARE RUNNING OUT IF TIME!.. and the kitchen works better anyway! The graveyard is just too obvious.

  2. AGREED! This is desperate behaviour, Dmitrij - I know you're stressing and running out of time, but this is submission suicide... Listen to Andriana - she's right!!!

  3. Then where the bloody hell should i put the matte painting there? My kitchen is NOT tableu vivant,i fucked up the brief again. I'd rather sacrifice a few nights to make a proper scene,without getting my ass bitten again about not following the brief.