2010 m. gruodžio 9 d., ketvirtadienis

Insomnia Sessions: Idea Thumbin'

This is a really quick thumbin' session. Done 20 of these in about half an hour. Made sure to spend only 20 seconds of quick/horrible drawin' on every idea that came to mind as soon as i opened a new document.
This idea came to me quite quickly,remembering Gestalt theory. Where one of the examples was a smiley face on the face of Mars. Same here,it's an ashtray,but in the ash you could resemble a smiley face.

This is one of those "unnatural" ideas. Basically a carton of milk which starts to crack as if it was made of glass.

Now i enjoy animals. Especially the ones with claws. Here i tried to show an idea of a cute kitty havin' a shadow of either a human or either some kind of monster.

This idea needs explainin',cause drawin' everything i had in mind in 20 seconds in detail wasn't possible. It's dinin' table. Basically the weird things that are here are: The forks and knives are put in a reversed position of how they're supposed to be,instead of candles there'd be cigarettes in their place and the shadows comin' from the chairs on the wall would display shapes of a cross. This is on of those ideas i'm fond of.

Now if it's possible,i'd like to do this one. This came up when i remembered an idea for a short film i had 2 years ago. Shortly,it's a story about a car accident in which the parents die,but their daughter lives,thanks to the brain surgery done on her after the tragedy. The brain surgery consisted of part of her brain bein' replaced with someone else's. So after that time she lived in two worlds. The reality one,where everything like it was. But when she falls asleep,her mind can walk around in a world basically drawn around her as a childhood dream. In means of everything around her,to be exact the house,becomes more colourful and happy. Well,until she wakes up. But with time that "dream" becomes a nightmare as it slowly turns in to something dark and scary,and she starts to understand that she's on alone in this world now and that someone's watchin' her. The idea was to call this "Coma" as in two meanings of "Comatose" and "Coma" in optical physics as in distorted vision of light rays due to twisted sides of the lens.

This idea came from a point of view of a child,where a grandchild's fear are the detached teeth of his grandpa.

A severed head on a table. Maybe i'd add some flowers and fruit. Not quite a finished idea.

This idea here came when a pen fell down from my table. I was watchin' only the pen fall,while everything around didn't matter for that split second. So in this idea a light bulb for no apperant reason falls and everything on the background is blurred out.

The idea of people expressin' themselves with gestures but not really noticin' them. Why is the an ashtray there,no idea.

A horse whose part dissapears after passin' throug an object. Surrealistic but not really.

A man with a barcode on his face. Can't really recall where that came from.

Here i wanted to draw the Nutcracker from our childhood. The doll would sit in the darkness,watchin' us. And it'd look as if we caught it at a bad moment,while it tried to put out a question which we don't understand. 

An organ on a plate that has some tubes in it. Half-organic half-robot. Not really fond of this one.

A pig on a plate. A popular dish nowadays. But here i gave the pig some wings and ball-gag as representation of humanity's sexual nature over things that shouldn't be sexually messed around with. And i think i heard a sayin' in a film "A pig without wings,is just another pig".

Same idea as the pig. Only the rabbit here isn't cooked has a cloth in his mouth as if he was shut up and blind fold.

I really didn't take my time with this one. Remembered a program on TV where they made knots in a mathematical matter. Yes,that's supposed to be a knot... 

We all had moments in our childhood when we thought that our toys are watchin' us with an evil grine on their face at night. Or that's just me.

Now this is silly but still fun. A car on tank wheel-rolls.

A tunnel. Tried to show a distorted light reflection on the surface of the materials. But understood this doesn't fit the brief so stopped.

A flash light goin' over a wall and findin' a question written in blood. I think i got this idea from The haunted,when they found a wall with writings. Only there was chalk,i used blood.

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  1. I really like the child's view of the grandad's teeth... There is something 'uncanny' about disembodied body parts - glass eyes, false teeth, false legs - and, as Roman Polanski's films demonstrate, there is something - if you're a child - creepy about old age...

  2. Yeah,but the problem with the teeth is that they're usually near a wall at night,so drawin' the wall would be kind of too primitive,atleast in my opinion. I still have my sight on either the dinin' table in every variation,except the heart one,and the "Coma" one. They look like somethin' that could give great results. But i still have more thumbnails to go.