2010 m. lapkričio 22 d., pirmadienis

Some Marlock Cave Sketches

This is the first sketch i started workin' on. It's basiclly a cave-hole,with light coming from the end. I wanted to make it all mystic,but the simplicity to the Marlock's character just didn't feel right,so i stopped here.

Again,with the cave idea,but with a little fork towards some machinery on a turn. tried experimenting wiht brush functions. Also feeled too simple for the likes of Marlocks. So i stopped here.

Here i tried experimenting with shade. Also the idea of a cave. But with sadistic hooks and lumps of meat. Thought of drawin' some kind of machine on the left. But this just felt too wrong for a concept.

Now this one i started liking. The idea of the Marlocks coming through the evolution of humanity. It's a cave,but with some shadow of a lost civilization. And the turn from one hole to the other just made me enjoy this twisted feeling which really felt like an atmosphere of a lost degraded cannibal race. Added some simple machines and pods which i didn't think too far in to,and i admit it as my mistake. They don't really find their palace in this piace. But this is till a sketchy and blurry vision of the cave for me.

Now this is what i just made. I understood what kind of cave would a lost civilisation would have. I left the idea of the turn in the center. Some broken wires and machines. As humans we still stick to some style,so some worn out,damaged by time,water and other things. Some part falling apart in the cave. This would really look like something a race like the lost human's would made in order to hide underground for long years. I'm thinkin' of workin' my way through with this piece cause i took i big liking to it and how it represents the vision of a future lost race.

3 komentarai:

  1. The fourth image from top has potential - I like its style and composition. I'm watching with interest.

  2. You think i should take the forth instead of the fifth?

  3. I like the fourth one better too.... it feels more spacious