2010 m. lapkričio 1 d., pirmadienis

Check Point. Changing some things.

Scr*w the Squid. I'm back to the Rabbit.

In the last few weeks i've noticed that i'm starting to lose my touch over my work and work for university and i've decided it's time for change. I apologise to Phil,Alan and Photoshop Phil for my lack of attention to the brief. I have had this blog for quite some time now, and since the course required a blog i thought it would add up to the archive of the experience i've collected in here. If you looked in to my earlier work here before uni,i think you noticed that i don't just hold this blog for the sake of self indulgence and the sake of fun. No. 

Before university,i've worked as freelancer for 2 years. I've done music videos,commercials,live visuals,event videos and done some work for some minor companies. I don't post all of that work here,since not all clients allow that. I'm still in touch with some of those clients and they read this blog occasionally and i still get work. My level isn't high enough to be called a specialist or a processional,but i know how to represent myself to my clients and my clients see me for this kind of artist. I don't just spout nonsense every here and there just for the sake of personal entertainment. 

When i came to university i thought it would be a great opportunity to mix up my style with my progress at university. But since day 1 i've noticed that the system Phil told me about just doesn't accept my attitude and style. So,from now on,i will continue developing this blog as a portfolio in different way. I will post my own projects and work the way i used to,while i'll post university related work in the way i'm required to,but in seperate posts from my "nonsense". 

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate and enjoy all of the tutor's effort to push the knowledge in to our brains. I enjoy the way Phil explains things in an easy to understand way. I really took in alot from Alan's Maya class and i'm already putting it to good use. And i really like Photoshop Phil's support and attitude towards student's work.

I will again,re-read through all the information,briefs and comments and make notes on "how to" through out from tuesday to wednesday. I will re-do all previous work that i failed to present in the required form. That includes the self-portrait and 3D work.

I don't feel bad about my style being rejected by this system. Infact i feel wrong and ashamed for having the wrong idea.

Again i apologise for not listening and i hope we can work together better from now.