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Essay thoughts

Me lackin' sleep and lackin' the ability to fall asleep is becoming troublesome. If anyone has any advice on this problem feel free to let me know,i'll buy you coffee.

Back to work!

Metamorphosis! As much as i tried lookin' at it as a biological process with a sense of nature and wisdome,i can't shoulder off the feelin that i should dig this cave deeper and find some more quality minerals.

As much of a computer geek that i could be,i'd like to see Metamorphosis as process,a flow of information,which creates other flows filled with information which create the process installed in their genes. Did that even make sense?

Let's dig deeper.

When some organism is born,it's born in a "stand by" stage,which turns on when the organism touches the world with it's skin. Then the process starts,formin' the organism to evolve,change,grow and develope it's own character. Basiclly releasing all the information that was stored inside of it's blood.

Let's dig even deeper.

The whole organism,as it developes,processes an enormous amount of information. The best example would be the human body. The human brain is know to be the most powerful engine to recognise and read shapes,colours,motion,sound and smell. It's like a powerfull render engine that reads all of these things and turns it in to information.

Let's dig even deeper.

The whole process doesn't just go through the brain,it goes through with a whole flow through our body in to every cell in our mortal exsistance.

Let's dig even deeper.

The information while bein' processed can not only be worked around with,but also can be stored. Stored in an archive deep inside of an organism. The archive is also bein' processed through out our development. Which results in a "mix" of information.

Let's dig even deeper.

The information that is stored.without doubt,isn't for a personal library. The information is released durin' a sexual reproduction process between a male and female type of organism,or in some cases in other form of reproduction. The information is released and disconnected from the main frame of the information flow it once came from,thus resulting in creation of a new archive of information. And as any type of information,it's nothing unless it's processed.

Let'd dig even deeper.

The resultin' archives that are created are formed not all the information,only partial,so it's never fully identical to it's source. Sometimes more than one archive is created......

My brain just officially died.

I'll continue this tommorow.

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  1. Hey - all of this is really interesting - BUT - 2 things: 1) your challenge is to look at human-to-animal transformations in their cultural context and you've only got 1,500 words; your assignment is connected to the theme of the unit, so please stay on message; I'm not suggesting that these thoughts on metamorphosis as a truly biological process aren't interesting, I'm just warning you that, in terms of the unit, they're largely irrelevant. And 2), please stop dropping your 'g's when you write - not only is it really irritating to read, it's also a bit weird! The energy it must take to remember to remove the g and insert the apostrophe would be much better spent just writing the word as it should appear. Trust me on this - it's a bad habit you need to lose!

  2. ... oh, and the sleep thing; sounds to me as if you're hyper-stimulated; so, stop drinking coffee after midday, and give yourself an hour with a book or something non-screen based before lights out.