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The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Director: Robert Wiene
Year: 1920

The film as itself in a form of a mix of story telling,conceptic graphic movie novel and a film is really fascinating.

I found this film to be really fun to watch and really enjoyed how the the world of that movie was created out of the illusions of the crazy man. "The first thing everyone notices and best remembers about "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" is the film's bizarre look." - Roger Ebert. Every windows,door,wall and room proportion is made in such a wicked twist. 

The inside world made for this film

The story goes sometimes pretty randomly,but still in some way made sense. The somnambulist telling people that they're gonna die and kills them is a pretty random thought,but on the other hand,a wonderfully played scenerio. The fact that the world itself is twisted,the characters also with it's twisted style. In some way,the most twisted people were Dr Caligari and Francis. They're both a bit off their rockets. "The subplot of a zombie controlled by an evil man has been called an allegory of World War I, while the revelation of Francis as a lunatic has been called the result of censorship, to prevent the repudiation of authority."-Brian Koller


The whole movie was done in a Picaso kind of style. Distorted,but with a clear form. Later on when i saw a poster of the movie,it became clear to me that is the image that was aimed for.

The Poster.

I was really fascinated by the movie,and the acting really made me enjoy the film, but for some reason i can't really say much about it.


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